Kylie Minogue In Richard Nicoll & Emilio Pucci – Diamond Jubilee Concert

Kylie Minogue celebrated the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee over the weekend by paying homage to the Pearly Queens whilst performing on Monday night.

The singer wasn’t afraid to show off some skin in the presence of Her Majesty, dressed in an embellished hat and matching leather jacket.

Half way through her set she ripped off her jacket to reveal a sexy black playsuit.

The whole Richard Nicoll look was customized by Judy Blame. Giuseppe Zanotti boots completed her look.

The Australian star joined the Queen onstage at the end of the concert wearing a custom Emilio Pucci white silk-cady one-sleeved gown with a geometric cut-out and high split.

Credit: Getty

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  • Jones19

    I seem to be the only one but I love the performance outfit! The gown is nice but the split is too high, I hate it when the split goes up to a girls hip.

  • GGG

    Such an ugly outfit, even for a concert costume. Blahhhhhhhh. She’s 97 years old – no more hotpants!

  • Christine

    Second dress is so inappropriate.

  • effieee

    Is it wrong that I quite liked the romper she wore in her performance? It’s quirky. My only issue with her Pucci dress is she’s completely lost her neck in it. She should’ve worn her hair back, so she didn’t completely lose her neck.

  • Saree

    It’s a performance outfit for a performance that up-beat and by no means a performance that you’d expect from Adele.

    Not saying it’s a nice outfit, it’s kinda awkward, but seriously people. It’s only the Queen. She didn’t want to be there anyway – not because of the performances by musicians she doesn’t listen to or even know the names of.

    The white dress is nice, but people will get their knickers in a knot over the split.

    Whilst my personal opinions of the Royals indicate that they’re a total joke – everyone keeps saying they need to modernise themselves more if they want to get ‘in touch’ with the younger generations and not the baby boomers. Well this is a step in the direction – stop being so conservative and realise that women do show skin these days, not just in performance but in FASHION!

    • Fee

      This is a totally tongue-in-cheek outfit from an adopted Brit, I don’t think it was meant to be a fashion statement.

      Kylie has an OBE and I’m sure there was protocol for this event like all other royal events so if skin or splits weren’t acceptable we wouldn’t have seen them.

  • Ange

    The performance outfit is hideous!
    Time to put it away Kylie!

  • Vera

    I don’t like the effect of the Pucci dress on Kylie’s neck but apart from that, I don’t think the Queen deserves any special clothes. I mean, Kylie was working, she was singing, she wasn’t invited to a tea party.

    • Alex

      I agree. I didn’t like the outfits but they are in Kylie’s style. She always shows a lot of skin, if its to tacky than they shouldn’t invite her to perform in the first place, she shouldn’t be expected to change her style 180 degrees just cause the queen is present…

    • Beta

      +1 agree

  • Amy

    the Pucci dress is nice but the split is just way too high

  • Odette

    All popstars are tacky and trashy nowadays and it is sad.

    The Pucci however is gorgeous. That is how much restraint Kylie will give.

    I think the Queen is unfazed by the antics of celebrities by now, as she has met Lady Gaga and co.

  • Felicia

    I don’t like to comment on performance outfits because they’re generally ugly anyway…

    The Emilio Pucci gown is beautiful, simple yet, beautiful! Kinda wish her hair was pulled back or something.

  • Hannah

    I think that her performance look was an interpretation of the pearly kings & queens.

  • Yeliz

    Both looks are tacky and definitely not event appropriate.

  • robbie

    the first look is richard nicoll customised by judy blame. the performance outfit is cheap, tacky and a mess. she wore that whilst performing infront of her majesty! her boots were giuseppe zanotti.

    the pucci dress is pretty nice, simple, sexy but not over the top.

    • Fashion Critic

      thanks Robbie

  • EmmaWoodhouse

    So tacky and inappropriate. In front of the QUEEN? REALLY?

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