Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen In The Row – 2012 CFDA Fashion Awards

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen took home the ‘Womenswear Designer of the Year’ award for their line, The Row, at the 2012 CFDA Fashion Awards, held at the Alice Tully Hall in New York City yesterday evening.

I almost fell off my chair when I found individual pictures of the sisters.

As walking spokesmodels for their winning brand, both designers looked gorgeous wearing looks from The Row Resort 2013 collection.

Debuting a brunette look, Mary-Kate went for a darker look, wearing a long-sleeved black silk dress with a high-low hem.

The dress was accessorized with a statement Sidney Garber necklace and Louis Vuitton black suede peep-toes, plus a black The Row purse.

Ashley wore a rarely seen burst of colour, standing out in a violet silk dress with a simple ruffle running down the front.

Like her sister, Ashley accessorized with a black The Row bag, Sidney Garber cuff bracelets and Manolo Blahnik heels.

A slick, centre-parted bun completes the look.

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29 thoughts on “Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen In The Row – 2012 CFDA Fashion Awards

  1. CreoleLady

    Lol. Not sure they are their own best brand ambassadors. All I see are acres of shiny material (nice magenta color). Not particularly flattering. Felt the same way about the earlier non-separated looks this week (not as shiny but still a lot of material).

  2. Felicia

    I LOVE them. I have for years now! I admire how they stay true to their own style. I think that’s why I think they’re so awesome.

    Mary-Kate: I like the new hair. I love the shoes. I actually love the dress but it’s obvious that she’s one of very few people who could pull it off!
    Ashley: I think she looks perfect. She should wear this colour more actually. Simple elegance!

  3. Christine

    Can’t believe for the first time I am choosing MK’s look over Ashley. Surprisingly, I like The Row’s pieces.

  4. Jess2

    Well I don’t hate these looks but I don’t really love them either. I do love the violet colour on Ashley though.
    To be honest, not sure how they won the award, I don’t feel like we see many people wearing their designs and I don’t find the designs chic or even flattering in some cases. Congratulations to them though, a wonderful award to win.

  5. Lady Loki

    With all their money, youth, talent for fashion and beauty, they STILL manage to look like 50 year old cat ladies. Just awful.

  6. Mariazinha

    I just wish she had actually made a dress out of all that pretty violet fabric before going to the event…
    Would have looked good.

    1. Rebecca Z

      Good comment! If only this dress were made to fit a slim young woman it could have been a winner. Instead it looks like a satin burnoose–nice to wear at home, but not for an event outside the home.

  7. Sandra

    MK’s look does nothing for me, but I love the violet silk on Ashley. Maybe it’s just her tiny frame, but imo the abundance of flowy fabric looks really flattering on her.

    Bit disappointed at their win, though. I’ve never been a fan of their design aesthetic and some of their pieces really border on rags. Surely Proenza Schouler is more worth talking about?

  8. Yeliz

    I dislike both looks.

    Someone said on the previous MK and Ashley post that The Row is very overrated and overpriced. I totally agree with that. I would never buy something from this brand. Oh no, maybe I would when I’m in my 60ies.

  9. MEME

    I am just elated that I can now offically tell them apart….

    I like the color on Ashley’s dress…. but it needs more design….

    Mary Kate’s look will probably be alright for a taller woman….

    They both look old though….

    1. Fashion Critic

      “I am just elated that I can now offically tell them apart….” Ditto….I always struggle

      1. Jeremy

        I even almost believed that they are conjoined twins, since 99% of times I saw them sharing their hips in those baggy clothes. I think they are pretty cool designers.

  10. Stephanie

    MK hair really brings out her eyes. Love it.

    Every time I see photos I wish I could ask them: Since you have your own clothing line, do they not make it in your size? Why wear it 2 sizes larger than you are??

  11. Vidhya

    I may be coming down with something because, I actually like these two looks. I hear some rumblings about them winning the award. What is your opinion, FC? Were they the best womenswear designers last year?

  12. Shelby

    For once, MK does a better job. Not only does the brunette look healthier than ever, she’s at least trying to show off her shape whereas her sister is wearing a glorified MUMU :P Love the color, but could you please dress like a 20 something for once???

  13. Parvati

    I always prefer Ashley’s looks to Mary-Kate’s and this is also the case. Mary Kate’s look is too dark, while I like the purple colour on Ashley. However, I’m not that crazy about Ashley’s dress, either. I like the colour and the neckline of the dress, but I wish the dress was more fitted, because it looks totally shapeless.

  14. EmmaWoodhouse

    I really like MK as a brunette. Both look fresh-faced and lovely here, despite their…questionable clothing choices. MK’s is far too Meryl Streepian, and Ashley’s would be gorgeous (love color) if it were a fitted silhouette with a more decided ruffle.

  15. beadingchef

    I am happy for them, just don’t get it, the remind me of bag ladies, their clothes never fit them and I wish them well, but I would never purchase anything from The Row, over priced stuff but to each her own.


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