Salma Hayek In Bottega Veneta – ‘Prometheus’ London Premiere

Salma Hayek added an unexpected dose of sugar to the ‘Prometheus’ world premiere, held in London last evening.

The actress looked saccharine sweet wearing a lavender Bottega Veneta Fall 2012 dress with purple-sequined embellishments along the waist and sleeves.

Her tailored dress, with its prim collar and Jackie-O vibe, seems a bit out of place for the world premiere of a major action blockbuster.

I wish Salma had reserved this dress for a luncheon or a photocall, as I do love this light purple hue on her olive complexion.

Matchy-matchy purple Bottega Veneta accessories and a sleek bun finish the look.

Thing to be most thankful for on this occasion is the fresh makeup. Whoever was applying her makeup during Cannes was not doing her any favours.

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22 thoughts on “Salma Hayek In Bottega Veneta – ‘Prometheus’ London Premiere

  1. firien

    I’m sorry but I really hate this look on Salma. Aging as hell, especially with that pose.

  2. Betty Brandenburg

    Proof it’s never good to wear a dress that’s too tight. Would have looked much better half a size up!

  3. robbie

    thank god the make-up hasnt been applied by a drag queen and she isnt wearing gucci. the dress is pretty but not loving it on salma.

  4. nina

    this woman will always be tacky or inappropriate, no matter how beautiful she is or how much money she has. she just doesnt get it. and never will.

  5. Jess2

    I am over-joyed about her makeup, I could not believe what was going on with her makeup at Cannes so this is a relief. I think she looks fantastic and definitely has a Jackie O vibe going on but I also agree that this look is not really event appropriate. I do love the colour against the blue carpet though.

  6. bm

    Salma’s look just too-much purple, that’s the problem, because I hate purple. If I wanna wear a purple thing, i would definitely pair it with another color.

  7. Christine

    She looks good here. Giving credit when its due :) I agree thought, wrong dress for wrong premiere. This fits her like a T.

  8. EmmaWoodhouse

    I WOULD love this look from head to toe (great makeup, finally, and great shoes!), and even call it out for BDOTW if it were not for two major problems:
    1. It is TOO TIGHT!!! Not only are too tight clothes rather tacky, they are also MAJORLY unflattering. It makes her look like a sausage, when she really has an amazing figure.
    2. This is a WORLD PREMIERE. STEP IT UP!!!

  9. Rebecca Z

    Puzzling. Unlike some of the others, I am a big fan of Salma–as an actress, producer and sometimes in fashion. I think she is stunningly beautiful and has a lovely figure that is hard to dress in today’s fashions. But there is no consistent vision in her choices and I find that odd. Maybe she just has too much to choose from, but by now I would have thought she would have a consistent sense of her own style.

  10. dee

    My only gripe if it is a little to tight. The color looks fabulous on her. The dress is very pretty and I think it is event appropriate.

  11. justme

    Even if it’s the wrong event and the dress seems tight around the stomach area, I could have loved this look. But the tights… no!

  12. Zannie

    Aside from the overly matchy-matchy thing she has going on with purple shoes, purple clutch, purple dress…

    This is such as great improvement from her Cannes looks that I give a pass on relief alone- it fits (better than any of the Cannes looks), so our eyes are drawn to the rest of her figure, not just her bust and her make up isn’t overdone.

  13. Dhppy

    I really like this look on Salma. True, I don’t think “action film” when I see it, but looking lovely is never out of place.

  14. Sharon

    I really love this color on Salma, but the dress — not so much. And although I can’t see Jackie O wearing the dress (unless the sleeves and all the glitter were removed), she would have looked gorgeous in the color too.


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