Fan Bingbing In Armani Privé – One Night Only In Beijing Fashion Show

Following a gorgeous run at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival, Fan BingBing was in Beijing on Thursday evening to attend the Giorgio Armani ‘One Night Only in Beijing’ Fashion Show.

Looking as stunning as ever, the actress selected an Armani Privé green satin evening gown.

This sleek column gown is a more modern look than we’re used to seeing from Fan, who tends to favour princess-like gowns.

Vibrant blue Wan Bao Bao earrings and a structured black handbag accessorize the look.

Side-swept waves and a muted version of her preferred tangerine lip are the perfect finishing touches.

Credit: Courtesy of Giorgio Armani

26 thoughts on “Fan Bingbing In Armani Privé – One Night Only In Beijing Fashion Show

  1. Kaz

    Love this. So relaxed. For me this is the first time she’s looked like a human being and not a caricature called “Fan Bingbing”. Her best ever in my humble opinion.

    1. Rebecca Z

      I agree. Nice to see a real person instead of a dress-up doll. I like the earrings, and the bag is cute.

  2. shap_half

    I love that this is so sleek and structured. We usually see her in these frilly things so this Armani is a wonderful exception.

  3. Jess2

    The dress is stunning and really suits her, she looks lovely. I don’t like the addition of the black bag, a different colour would have worked better I think.

  4. EmmaWoodhouse

    BDOTW contender! The bag is my only nitpick with this look…fortunately it doesn’t stand out too much. I applaud her for the bold choice of earrings! The dress is FABULOUS on her–a perfect color for her ivory skin and black hair. Perfection as always.

  5. Nat39

    The bag is an eyesore, why not a pretty embellished minaudiere… Did she match it to her hair?? Light pink lippie would be my choice. Wouldn’t pick those earrings but they are all right.

  6. Sue Jin

    I love her makeup here. I feel like im seeing her beautiful features instead of this thick makeup that makes her look really plastic as in barbie doll-ish.

  7. Kathy

    I’m not sure if you’re aware of this, but just to clarify, her first name is BingBing, not Fan. Chinese names put the last name before the first name, so technically it should be BingBing Fan if written in English, but hardly anyone writes it that way. One would say Fan Bingbing if saying her name in Chinese.

    Does that make sense? I apologize if I didn’t explain very well.


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