28.05.12 Best Dressed

Cannes Film Festival 2012 Readers’ & Critics’ Favourites Day by Day

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Beauty Trend Spotting: Red Carpet Curls

Beauty Trend Spotting: Red Carpet Curls

Vanessa Hudgens In Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti - Amber Fashion Show and Charity Auction

Vanessa Hudgens In Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti – Amber Fashion Show and Charity Auction

  • Beautiful styles.
    I am working on featuring the Atelier Versace styles as she showed great range in her designs during the festival.

    Definitely quoting you. Can you please contact me at my email address for further questions?
    Thanks so much!

  • I’m surprised that the Critic’s Choice only had 1 Diane Kruger.

    All this Diane Kruger is making me sick of her. Don’t get me wrong, I love her style and she nails it anytime. But she’s overexposed, I’m getting tired of it.

  • Raquel

    Paz Vega was my favorite. I LOVE that dress and I love how she styled it.

  • Shells

    Karolina Kurkova in the gold Cavalli sequined dress and blazer was the standout. How she manages to pull it off with such ease deserves virtual applause.

    Thanks for the Cannes coverage. It was a blur of sequins and shiny things in retrospect haha

  • Tina

    I love this post! Thanks so soo much FC for choosing dresses for the Critic’s List that I personally adore but didn’t make the cut for Reader’s poll. I loved loved loved Reese’s gorgeous blue Versace gown and Cheryl Cole’s unique Stephane Rolland dress. This year’s Cannes has been great! Honestly I could probably choose half of my BDOTY looks from here. 😀

  • ladyoflettuce

    I think Diane is suffering from overexposure. I missed that last look–i think it’s kind of embarrassing. I still really love the Westwood. She just seems a bit wooden or something. Wish we could see more French women!

  • Miguel

    Yes!! Most of your choices FC match mine 🙂
    That’s why I love Cannes, there are so much to see and almost all time it’s so great!
    Thanks FC for keeping us posted with your excellent coverage.

  • Marybeth

    This post is such a delightful wrap-up of Cannes 2012!
    Thank you, FC, for the exciting coverage and discerning commentary.
    Thanks also to the commenters who share their opinions here. It’s fun to see what others think and it broadens my own perspective.

  • Jones19

    Wonderful looks. I could look at these pics all day long. Kudos to you FC for picking Reese Witherspoon, she was my fave too on the last day.

  • Not so keen on the readers’ choices overall. FC, you’ve picked some of my faves, like Karolina Kurkova, Cheryl Cole and Nicole Kidman – good choices!

  • Aaron

    Wow, I have to say first that the coverage here was just spectacular. How did I live without this site before?! 🙂

    Diane Kruger, as others have said, was clearly Queen of Cannes. She brought not her A game, but her A+ game to this event. I don’t know how someone can consistently look THAT good, but she pulled it off. And she did it with a variety of looks, too.

    Brava, Diane. Brava.

    • Fashion Critic

      that is very kind of you to say so Aaron. Appreciated x

      • Aaron

        You’re the best, FC.

  • Neli

    Thats why I love Cannes!
    Thank you FC! Amazing post!

  • Nat39

    Really happy to see Reese and Frida in sexy Atelier Versace got picked.
    Damn Nicole’s silly ‘do, still find it hard to look past it, it was a lot easier to overlook Doutzen’s messy ponytail.

  • Quinn

    Most of my pick for best dress of the day matches with the critic’s choice. yay!

    Awwwwhhh…i’m a little sad that Cannes is over. It certainly has brings out the best in some of the ladies like Eva, Reese and Cheryl. And i’m also a lil disappointed that we don’t see a lot of Fan Bing Bing this year. But overall, it was quite interesting 🙂

    Thanks so very much for the amazing coverage for the past 12 days FC!

    • Fashion Critic

      It was very much my pleasure….364 days and counting

  • Carmen

    I agree with you in everything except Jada Pinkett-Smith over Paz Vega, love PV dress.
    BTW-Thanks for all your work in the Cannes coverage¡

  • Yeliz

    1-Diane Kruger in Giambattista Valli
    2-Freida Pinto in Atelier Versace
    3-Paz Vega in Stephane Rolland
    4-Alexandra Maria Lara in Elie Saab
    5-Diane Kruger in Christian Dior Couture

    I’m looking forward to your round-up too!

  • fromchi-town

    What a fantastic post. Diane kruger was the Queen of cannes. Diane and freida were my favs. Freida gave us some fantastic looks.

    FC, thanks again for thegreat coverage. You were superb! You sooo deserve a vacay after this fashion marathon. Your hard work is what makes me visit this site each and every day without fail!

    • Fashion Critic

      I’m going to take a vacay with my laptop for the Jubliee weekend.

  • Awdah

    Celebs brought their A game this year in Cannes. Everyone looked amazing. It was a lovely fashion feast!

    I don’t mind the “too much” Elie Saab & Versace. It’s destined for the two to be worn in Cannes. I mean really, where else!

  • Zineb

    FC and readers only agreed twice 🙂
    How about a competition between all the readers’ best dressed! It should be cool 😉
    Looking forward for your always funny round-up !

  • Amy

    Cannes was definitely exciting this year!!
    Versace did

    • Amy

      Versace did a wonderful job. My personal fave are : Freida in Versace, KK in Cavalli, Paz in S.Rolland and Diane in Ricci

  • Amanda

    It was quite a disappointing year at Cannes fashion-wise wasn’t it?

  • AJ

    Pinto and Kruger reigned as the Queens of Cannes in my opinion!

  • Richard

    Diane Kruger= Queen of Cannes!

  • EmmaWoodhouse

    FC, you marked Cheryl Cole’s look as Jada Pinkett Smith in Atelier Versace.

    • Fashion Critic


  • Beta

    woow, all of these dresses are stunning. Love the two Stephane Rollands. Loved all of them. The girls looked spectacular
    thanks FC for the summary 🙂

  • EmmaWoodhouse

    Wow, Diane rocked this. Fan Bing Bing’s caped Elie Saab was my favorite look, though…she was so fabulous. Wish she had appeared more often!
    From this list, my favorites are:
    1. Diane in Gimabattista Valli, Alexandra Maria Lara and Diane in Vivienne Westwood (three-way tie!)
    2. Diane in Nina Ricci
    3. Diane in Christian Dior
    4. Marion Cotilard in Christian Dior
    Thanks again for the coverage, FC!

  • Cole

    Thank you FC for your amazing Cannes coverage. I learned about this website during the Oscars and now I visit it often throughout the day, everyday. I don’t think I visit any other website as much other than Facebook. I even peruse old postings if I have a little downtime. Keep up the great work.

    • Fashion Critic

      Thanks Cole…I’m glad you are enjoy the posts x

  • Laura

    Too much Elie Saab and Versace… boring!

    • Zineb

      They should start making ugly designs is what you’re saying? 😀

      • kery

        it doest mean u hav to make an ugly dress..there a lot of other dress which beautiful n at the same time unique..that what we r trying to say!

    • kery

      i agree..these to brand although beautiful but nothing doest have wow factor! however dress by michael angel is something fresh!

    • Luis

      I have to agree, i’m a litle bored of Elie Saab…

      • Agathe

        I have to agree, I’m not a huge fan of sequins and I don’t find much to suit my taste in this selection…

      • Emily

        +1, Elie Saab is always stunning but they are all starting to look the same to me, unfortunately.

    • Anne g

      + 1
      choose the dresses elie saab for me is not a sufficient risk-taking. Although I voted Doutzen in elie saab because the color, cut and material of the dress has been little seen on the red carpet. Her dresses can make anyone beautiful. For me, a beautiful woman dressed:
      1) 40% of beauty, charisma and attitude
      2) 30% the dress and accessories
      3) 30% to be bold.

      Maybe my expectations are high for me because women living in 40 years, 50 and 60 years are the best dressed. they did not elie saab or Jimmy Choo but had a charisma and beauty that made a dress now regarded as commonplace as a piece of art.
      Marlene Dietrich, Grace Kelly, Rita Hayworth, Lauren Bacall, Eva Gardner.


      SO SAD

      • Jo

        Elie Saab – a him not a her. Just pointing it out.

        • Anne g


      • Nat39

        Personally I’d reduce your “30% to be bold” to about 10-5%. Once the look is flattering and well put together, and backed up with poise and charisma, I could care less if it’s bold or not. Real beauty is what counts most in my book.

        • Marybeth

          AMEN, Nat39! AMEN!

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