Brad Pitt In Balenciaga – ‘Killing Them Softly’ Cannes Film Festival Premiere

As expected, Brad Pitt looked devilishly handsome on the red carpet for the ‘Killing Them Softly’ premiere during Cannes Film Festival this evening.

The actor opted for a classic look wearing a Balenciaga black tuxedo with a white dress shirt, black bow-tie and a satin cummerbund.

He looked to be having a lot of fun on the red carpet taking pictures on his iPhone. The only thing missing from his look was his arm candy – Angelina Jolie.

Credit: Getty

14 thoughts on “Brad Pitt In Balenciaga – ‘Killing Them Softly’ Cannes Film Festival Premiere

  1. Emmeline

    I wish he’d buttoned his jacket. That exposed cummerbund makes it look like he’s going to prom.

  2. Emma

    He looks so good! He would look even better after getting a haircut, his hair looks like a floor mop

  3. A.

    Hunky Brad. He looks good in anything he wears. Missing Angelina. Why didn’t she walk the red carpet. She’s traveled to Cannes with him, right?

  4. EmmaWoodhouse

    This seems rather rumpled and messy to me. If a tuxedo is unbuttoned, the shirt ought to be VERY neat.

  5. Nat

    The fit of the tuxedo doesn’t seem quite right to me (expecially the pants). But the first thing I thought actually was: “Oh c’mon Brad, just cut your hair already!”

  6. Nat39

    The suit is classy but the whole presentation reeks of “the Big Lebowski” the slacking dude.


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