Miley Cyrus In Jean Paul Gaultier – 2012 Billboard Music Awards

Sporting a rather risqué look, Miley Cyrus walked the red carpet at the 2012 Billboard Music Awards held at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, last night.

She wore a Jean Paul Gaultier ivory double-breasted jacket and a mini dress.

The 19-year-old accessorized with Jacquie Aiche jewels and striped Christian Louboutin ankle-strap peep-toes.

A voluminous do, kohl-rimmed eyes and a pink pout completed her look.

Hair-colour aside, this look would’ve been great had the styling not been so sloppy.

There is something half a**ed about this look that’s jarring me.

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65 thoughts on “Miley Cyrus In Jean Paul Gaultier – 2012 Billboard Music Awards

  1. Mariam

    The makeup and the hair are bit too much for my taste!
    However I want those legs of hers!!!!

  2. cat

    I like her outfit and shoes. But that’s about it. I don’t mind the lazy, messy do but the fact that it’s look like an old hag that bother me. Her makeup is okay but when paired with the tan and the hair it just scream “hooker wannabe”. Nice legs, btw.

    1. Marybeth

      I didn’t want to use the word “hooker,” but since you mention it, that was my first thought.
      Seriously, I once worked at an upscale bar which was frequented by pros looking for sugar daddies and this look IMMEDIATELY reminded me of that.

      These women were rather attractive,but they all looked 10-15 years older than the age on their IDs.
      We always carded women who had That Look, even if they appeared to be 30-ish, just to make sure they
      weren’t minors.

      Let’s just say that I would definitely have asked Miley for her ID!

    2. Andrea

      Ok, so I guess its a natural development within showbiz styling: First porn-chic (wich is now such a widespread ideal that we dont even notice anymore, fake boobs, fake lips and so on), then heroin-chic and now prostitute-chic.

      Yes, very sad that such a young girl is styled in this way. But I guess it sells or something.

      Lets hope that she looks different next time we see her, she is such a cute girl behind that mask.

  3. Nat

    I’d like to comment on the fashion, but all I can think is “God, she looks so OLD!”
    Not mature, just old. :-/

    (I also hate the hair and those cheesy necklaces).

  4. T from Sydney

    the hair looks like it came from the 90s or something.

    i like the idea of the suit jacket dress but it was poorly executed

  5. noo

    there’s something so horrible about this! the hair is so freaking disgusting, i’m apalled really!

  6. Carolina

    I do think she’s overstyled a bit, but for me the worst part is that she is a bobblehead. Great legs, are you serious??? She’s simply taken off too much weight. The overstyling is not really her style, it’s more generic and just unrecognizable.

    1. Emi

      I agree with you, and the fit of the jacket is sooo bad. By the way, am I the only one who didn’t get the meaning of a**ed? Maybe it’s because I’m not english…

  7. Jones19

    Oh my god I cannot get past the ugly hair. It’s just awful! Too bad because this could have been a slam dunk.

  8. effieee

    Her shoes are all wrong for the outfit. And her look is 19 going on 40.
    Such a waste of an amazing outfit.

  9. Christine

    What’s up with over 40+ Hairdo? I see she is trying to add some “edgy” cred by wearing only a jacket. Oh, wow!

  10. Lady Loki

    Half a**ed is the the perfect word to describe this. While I love the whole concept “dont try too hard”…she took it too literally and looks sloppy. Im older than her but in this picture, she has good 10 years on me.

  11. Amy

    there are things I like in that outfit : the shoes are perfect, the idea of a tuxedo dress is nice but the whole combination of cleavage, mini,”dallas hair”,smoky eyes with the tan is just a lot. She needs to tone things down.

  12. MisS Joy

    it looks like she’s trying an older woman’s look, but her jacket should have been taped on the inside to make it look more feminine & shaped. The front shouldn’t have been open that much…she doesn’t have the right ‘sexy’ there to be seen, if you know what i mean

  13. Shaina

    This is bad all over! Her hair, the shoes, the accessorizing. Why would she even wear something like this?

  14. lu

    no no no, no no nooo. She looks like and old lady trying too hard!! why she does that? she is so young and prety!

  15. Riley

    After years of horrible self-presentation as this I am shocked she is still considered a role model.


    I love the Louboutins, on a positive note.

  16. holly

    She looks 40. Now, there are 40 year old women hitting these red carpets who look phenomenal and healthy and sexy and stylish, and Miley looks… none of those things. And she’s 19. Girl, please. Call Jennifer Lawrence – who is only two years older than you – and have her give you styling tips or her stylist’s number or whatever is necessary to get you a clue.

  17. Remy

    I think it looks like she’s playing dress up anyone agree? I love her legs and she has a killer body now but she needed to dress to flatter her body it just looks to baggy on her thin frame she should have gotten it fitted !

  18. Natalie

    Who is her stylist? This is such a disaster. Different hairstyle, less cleavage, and different accessories could have saved this look. All it does is make her look like a grown 35 year old woman.

  19. Manolia

    OMG…really when i opened the first page i wanted to see Miley Cyrus’s look as its been a while and now that i saw it…. i miss young Miley hate the new trying to be Madonna look eeekh

  20. Bronte123

    the hair is the main problem….if it was pulled back tight, it would have been a much nicer look

  21. FC310

    Proves my theory that whenever the spotlight is on her, Miley would take every opportunity to dress as a cougar. She needs to return to the girlfriend mode and dress her age !

  22. Mana

    A sleek pony tail or a boho braid could make a huge difference, cause the outfit it’s not that bad.


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