Freida Pinto In Atelier Versace – ‘De Rouille et D’Os’ Cannes Film Festival Premiere

Freida Pinto stepped out on the red carpet tonight for the ‘De Rouille et D’Os’ premiere during the 2012 Cannes Film Festival this evening.

The Indian beauty looked breathtaking for the second night in a row, wearing an Atelier Versace Spring 2012 gown.

Her lime gown had a lace top and Swarovski crystallized skirt with a thigh-high split and double gold-lined sculptured detail on the hip.

I’ve never used the words Freida and sexy in the same sentence, but when you don a Versace gown sexy comes as standard.

A Ferragamo gold box clutch and satin Ferragamo peep-toes completed the look.

The L’Oreal girl was radiant, completing her look with a high ponytail.

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56 thoughts on “Freida Pinto In Atelier Versace – ‘De Rouille et D’Os’ Cannes Film Festival Premiere

  1. Alina

    The gown is STUNNING and it deserved better footwear – sandals.

    If she goes on like this, she may get the “Best Leg Award”.

    1. Charlotte

      I agree with you, she looks stunning but like yesterday, the shoes weigh down the look (although there’s already improvement compared to yesterday)

  2. Markel

    The dress is really amazing, but I don’t think she has attitude to work a Versace dress, she looks good but she doesn’t own the look.

  3. Yeliz

    She looks sensational! Again an amazing color for her. I LOVE it and how I love Cannes! One of the best times of the year regarding red carpet.

  4. justme

    If she keeps this up, she’s going to be my Cannes favourite and easily.
    She looks amazing.

    1. Riley

      I am not as repulsed by her shoe choice as you are Chloe, but she did need gold strappy sandals.

      Thigh split gowns (not to mention ATELIER VERSACE- hellllllo) need strappy sandals. If you’re going to do sexy, might as well do it properly.

  5. Matt R

    Is it just me….or do all of these women seem to be stepping up their fashion game a few notches? I’ve seen Freida look beautiful before, but her 3 dresses at Cannes have been spectacular.

    Part of me wonders if when they lined the top of this dress more that it caused it to look a little different. Other than that, she looks beautiful.

  6. CreoleLady

    Look at her eyes, her stance, her attitude. Well, well, well, not all sweetness and light. Sensing a bit of low-key diva-tude that becomes her. Love that color. Shoes not up to the dress but still loving the look overall. Work.

  7. asherlev1

    So. Freida’s gorgeous, and when I saw head shots of this look, I had my breath taken away. But unfortunately, I really feel like her accessories, especially her shoes, are letting her down (again). Which is a shame.

    1. CreoleLady

      Thank you for this pic. She’s wearing a high pony, not a bun – perfect for this Versace.

  8. DSI

    Frieda looks stunning. What a turn over from yesterday’s sweet pink look to today’s edgy, sexy look! Kudos to her and her stylist. Love it!

    1. DSI

      On a second look at the close-up images, I think I would have preferred some more punch with coral lips instead of pink, with this dress!

  9. Iris

    Every time I see a Freida pic, I feel like telling her to throw her shoulders back. Apart from the posture, she looks great –the colour really becomes her.

    1. Erica

      Amen sister! Freida listen to Iris.

      FC, can you please contact Freida and ask her to listen to Iris?

  10. gabis

    At first I thought she had changed the golden detail to red but then I realized that it’s just the reflection of the red carpet, lol :D
    I wish she had kept the exact runway version with that very structured golden detail and the sheerer top. On Freida’s version the hip detail seems a little shabby for my taste. Her shoe choice is awful- she really needs an improvement in that department. But still from the ankles up, she really looks sensational.

  11. Ramsay

    Sadly I feel that dress is sorta wasted on Freida – It would’ve looked so much better on J Lo, Beyonce or Megan Fox – another no for me

  12. Annel

    She’s really impressive! A less heavy shoe would have worked better, and I hope she will bring out some sandals later on – but I must say that it’s a detail for me considering the look all over and her performance so far. She’s really game!

  13. nicole

    i love it. the colour is amazing. i don’t mind the shoes as much. i like them better than those platforms yesterday

  14. Mol

    I love the dress but I have to look at it with the shoes cut off – she looks sultry in a very high class way.

  15. Tiffany

    I hate platform heels with the sincerest of passions. And never do I hate them more than when a gorgeous dress likes this is immediately transported to a strip club because of them. For me they are garrish attacks on my eyes and all of humanity and civilization. I will probably shed a tear when they finally go away.

  16. fromchi-town

    She looks phenomenal. Everyone has stepped up their game. I am not going to talk about the shoes, I will pretend i didnt see them.

  17. DP

    Gorgeous dress and gorgeous face, but she’s not really selling it to me :( Clearly a new look for Freida, but I’m not sure she’s pulling the whole ‘sexy’ thing off very well. And the shoes are a no for sure.

  18. Daniele

    I prefer the runway-look….i don’t like the Freida shoes because very boring…. :(((

  19. Leo

    I love the dress but hate the green. I loved this Atelier Versace collection but can’t seen to understand the choice of colour for this gown. And Freida does not quite carry such a statement gown, she looks beautiful but she does not shine with it.

  20. Riley

    FC is Freida making you fan yourself with both hands like she is me? Or one hand because it’s Freida Pinto, not Megan Fox (she would look amazing in this gown with her black hair and pale skin)?

    One hand or two hand fanning, Freida Pinto is brinin’ da heat.

    I like that Freida is letting her hair down in her fashion choices. She was a bit safe and controlled (as all starlets are when they are Hollywood Fresh Meat) but now she really has come into her own.

  21. Teleholic

    I wish this was strapless maybe with a sweetheart neckline and I wish she made more of an effort with her hair to take this look from sporty-up-top to Cannes-worthy glamorous.

  22. Angela

    Freida is taking Cannes 2012 by storm! I am growing tired of Eva Longoria’s gowns; nice, but no shock value nor excitement. Freida has already worn such a wide spectrum of gowns, can’t wait to see what else she has in store for us!

  23. EmmaWoodhouse

    Sick of thigh-high slits. I love the color on her and the embroidery but I don’t think the bodice flatters her. So this look gets a no from me.

  24. Erica

    I am a bit nonplussed about Freida’s continuing posture disasters at Cannes since I read in one of her interviews, that she has signed a movie where most of the expression is through body language and that she has been training for that.

    Freida, your body language is giving out really bad signals! You’re a beautiful and confident actress but when I see you posing like that all I can think of is hesitant, shy,and insecure Freida.

  25. Valeria

    I agree she doesn’t have attitude to pull off that dress, and I dislike it as much as I did the day 1 look. The problem is also she’s not standing tall, drooping her shoulders and just bringing the looks down

  26. Christine

    Not the shoes with that sexy dress–no honey. But damn, she looks good! Impressed. Didn’t really consider her a versace girl.

  27. Luiza

    Everyone would look good on this amazing dress and she is indeed a gorgeous girl! However, she doesn’t have the attitude the gown needs, she looks uncomfortable somehow.

  28. Jess2

    She looks radiant, that colour looks fab on her. I am disappointed about the shoes though.


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