Lana Del Rey In Alberta Ferretti – ‘Moonrise Kingdom’ Cannes Film Festival Premiere & Opening Ceremony

Lana Del Rey joined a host of actresses taking to the red carpet for the 2012 Cannes Film Festival opening ceremony and ‘Moonrise Kingdom’ premiere this evening.

The American singer selected an Alberta Ferretti Fall 2012 gown.

As you know, I haven’t really taken to Lana, but on this occasion I love this black strapless gown with a peaked detail on the bodice and a draped, tiered detail on the hip.

A silver Chopard necklace and a black box clutch completed her look.

After sporting a strong lip colour for the Met Gala, she opted for a nude colour for a clean, fresh look.

Tumbling red locks and a gorgeous (rare) smile provided the finishing touches.

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19 thoughts on “Lana Del Rey In Alberta Ferretti – ‘Moonrise Kingdom’ Cannes Film Festival Premiere & Opening Ceremony

    1. gabis

      Yes, it’s for sure her best look ever so far. I absolutely love it! Bravo! Very strong BDOTW contender for me.

  1. Emmeline

    Such an improvement from the Met! The dress looks beautiful on her, and I love her necklace and her clutch.

    1. Christine

      Especially for cannes. If you’re going to do black, do it big or go home. Cannes is not for the plain safe.

  2. Riley

    This is her best look but she has a LONG way to go if she wants to be even a little special on the red carpet.

    I hope she doesn’t go the Gothic root to red carpet dressing because that’s such an eyeroll.

  3. justme

    The dress is definitely lacking a wow factor but it’s pretty enough.
    The necklace needs to go though.

    1. Sabina

      She looks beautiful but I agree, the necklace is out of place, especially with the peaked detail of the bodice. Earrings would have worked better. I’m torn between this and the red Vivienne Westwood as her best look yet.

  4. Hannah

    I love this look for her. For Cannes, it is a pretty standard look, especialyl since it’s back, but for her it is a lovely breath fo fresh air. Her hair looks beautiful, but I miss the old colour.

  5. EmmaWoodhouse

    I would like this look without the odd neckline. I think a portrait neckline would have been lovely…this doesn’t sit right with me. It’s a nice enough gown otherwise but a little bland. I don’t feel wowed.

  6. pipsqueak

    A lot better than her usual looks. And finally a grin, instead of a spaced out face. All in all, I find her rather boring and overrated.

  7. Emi

    I love it, she looks great, I hope she’s not wearing ballet shoes as usual. How gorgeous is her hair?

  8. Jess2

    This dress looks great on Lana, love the shape of the neckline and the hip detail. I must admit though, I would love to see her wear more colour for day events and perhaps keep the black gowns for evening events, but that is just my personal taste.


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