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Hilary Swank's Michael Kors Quinn Zebra Print Calf Hair Clutch

Hilary Swank’s Michael Kors Quinn Zebra Print Calf Hair Clutch

  • Markel

    Really hard to choose, but I voted for Karolina, she totally owned the look!

    Hope you had a great weekend FC, and thanks for the amazing coverage

    PD: I just heard that Diane Kruger is going to be jury at Cannes Film Festival, hope it’s true! 😀

    • Fashion Critic

      I did thanks. I hope you did too.

      It is true about Diane.

  • CreoleLady

    Worthy contenders all although none of my faves made it. Voted for the Duchess as the best of these – love the dress color and the beautiful braided brunette bun. Almost went with Gaga and would have but for the shoes. Laughing at myself because the two looks are so diametrically opposed, how could I possibly like both? But I do. Just the fun of fashion.

  • Molly

    Its starting to annoy me how Kate (Catherine?) seems to make it onto these polls just because she switched up her hair. Like everyone else, I was excited too, but that doesnt change the fact that that dress is completely inappropriate for a royal in her postition, and quite frankly, I think it looks poorly made. Lets just come out and say it, we like the fact that she is finally wearing a color and an updo. I guess in some peoples minds, that equals BDOTW. Oh well.
    Karolina was my best.

  • The duchess had my vote the moment I saw the post you made of her in this breathtaking dress. I’m glad she did something different with her hair, I hope she will do the same with her make up : it always feels a little harsh to me.

    Of course Karolina Kurkova is a very very close second. I probably should have vote for her, she deserve it… And I was really impressed by Nina Dobrev.

  • Jazz

    i cant believe the duchess ended up winning. but at the same time i can, everyone always seems to vote for her when she’s here. her look isn’t even special! karolina and nina were perfection.

    • bee7

      i agree with everything you said about the duchess. the colour was divine but the dress wasn’t anything special and i can’t get onboard with the belt.

      FC, thanks for your hard work and i hope you have a great weekend!

      • Fashion Critic

        thank you…look forward to more next week…Cannes Week 😀 x

  • Sabreena

    as much as I would love to give this to karolina…I gotto give this to the Duchess…she looks breathtakingly beautiful in that gown! LOVE that colour on her…..wish she would wear colour more often! It makes her glow and look incredibly beautiful!

    Can’t WAIT to see your cannes coverage FC…Praying to the god,almighty…to see more and more elie saab gowns on the red carpet….and fan bing bing(the queen)..I am dying to get blown away by her!

    Have a great weekend, wouldn’t get much time to rest and relax…once the Cannes begins! 😀

    • Fashion Critic

      thanks…very excited about Cannes and all the good stuff it brings like BDOTY gowns.

      Have a great weekend.

      Best Catherine


  • Parvati

    Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge wins for me! Everything about her look is perfect! My second vote would go to Jada Pinkett-Smith in Alberta Ferretti.

  • Beta

    Im sorry for Karolina because she does look stunning, but Kate just blew me away!

  • Rita

    I think the details and the color of the Duchess’ dress are divine but I don’t think it can compete with Karolina. It was a jaw-dropping moment when I saw the dress. And like Paddy M said it’s a shame that everytime the Dutchess is on the list she wins.

  • Ramsay

    For me it is definitely none of these amazing women – they all look great but my favourites ( all from the met gala) are not in this poll- I guess you just selected the three women who got the most votes in the met best dressed poll- My favorites are: Kate Bosworth, Carey Mulligan, Gwyneth Paltrow, Milla Jovovich, Diane Kruger and her train of plumes because I think this is what the party was all about – but the rest all look great – still I think that amazing look from Karolina Kurkova falls short in comparison to Kate Moss’ Marc Jacobs – Even when she tries to look different Kate Middleton bores to death – this green dress is nice but boring- we have seen it a million times before – it’s nice, flattering to the body but too easy – I wouldn’t say the same about any of the Prada ladies at the met or even Cate Blanchett or Bee Shafer they look womenly but interesting – and Natalie’s dress is nice (her face is amazing) but it wouldn’t even compare to any of the looks at the met – and it’s a fact Natalie has never looked good in Dior but she has never looked bad either in part because her Dior looks have been too safe and in part because she is so beautiful she can pull off anything – waiting for Cannes and too intense weeks of red carpet – Diane Kruger is in the jury so expect many looks and I’m sure many custom made Chanel for her – Nicole Kidman should walk the red carpet twice hopefully no L’wren Scott this time – and the usual Brangelina, Fan Bing Bing etc.

  • Alina

    Karolina Kurkova for me. She was breathtaking!

    Thank you for an amazing week, FC! Can’t wait for Cannes!

  • TL

    The Duchess is amazing, but I have to give it to Karolina this time, she looked breath-taking at the met gala.

    Thank you FC for another great great week, your coverage of the met gala was awesome. Have a rest and enjoy your weekend~ ^_^

    • Fashion Critic

      Glad you enjoyed it.

      Have a great weekend.

  • Karolina Kurkova In Rachel Zoe 😉

  • Ju Alves

    So hard to choose this week!!! But for me is Nina!!!

  • britta

    most impressive bdotw poll ever? yay for fashion everywhere:)

  • Tina

    Holy cow! What a weeekkkk!!! There’s the met, but it was followed by more fabulous looks!! This is fashion heaven, I swear. Love the duchess’ look – never thought I would be choosing a non-Met look during Met-week for BDOTW, but I did! She looks fabulouussss!!!!

    Lots and lots of thanks FC for this week’s great coverage! I had so much fun looking through the posts and getting myself a royal fashion treatment 😀

    • Fashion Critic

      my pleasure x

  • Anderbobo

    Oh and thanks so much to FC for yet again blowing it out of the park this week with the best coverage and insight on the whole interweb!!!

  • Anderbobo

    I voted for kurkova because I literally gasped at her flawlessness. Head to toe utter perfection. I feel like duchess had set a really low bar and while I agree she looks great in that Jenny P her entire ensemble isn’t even tied with karolina’s turban in terms of sheer fierceness.

  • Nina for me. Karolina as my runner up.

  • zoe

    the duchess looked good this week but she was definitely not the best dressed. have you forgotten about the met gala so quickly? >.< nina dobrev alllll the way.

  • Jazz

    kurkova!!! why is duchess winning with her convention, albeit stunning, look! karolina was so original and glamorous and statuesque.

  • Katt

    Nina Dobrev the best!!!

  • Dhppy

    I was surprised as could be that Bella Heathcote’s London Dark Shadows premiere dress didn’t make the list. It was almost unanimously adored. I think I would have voted for her.

    I’ve been putting The Duchess of Cambridge and Packham together in my mind for sometime now (though I do believe that ill fated, wind assisted, up skirt photo from a Canadian airport was a Packham dress- no chance of that here).

    • I agree with Bella Heathcote! I would’ve at least put her in contention for BDOTW. But Duchess wins, closely followed by Karolina and Diana. I am just in love with the sea greens, teals and all sorts of dreamy blue-green combos!

  • EmmaWoodhouse

    I’m giving it to my girl the Duchess (who will always be Kate M. to me :)) because she looks ASTOUNDINGLY GORGEOUS! Runner-up is Minka, with an honorable mention to Karolina, Nina, Chloe, Natalie, and Jada.
    I didn’t like Gaga’s look and Dianna’s was wrinkled, so despite the lovely color it’s a no.
    I love that Kate is winning this 🙂

  • HM

    Honestly there were so many gowns this week that I could barely digest everything! For me, this is a battle between Kurkova and Catherine. Given that Kurkova looks amazing in anything, I think the Duchess deserves my vote this week as she has decided to up her game and shut us up for once. No boring navy suede pumps and matching clutch. No same old flowing glossy hairstyle. Hopefully she will be bringing this new style into her day-time wardrobe as well 🙂

    Honorable mentions: Nina, Dianna and Natalie all look stunning, and on any other poll without Kurkova or Catherine, it would be between the 3 of them.

    P.S. Lol @ Gaga looking out of place in this poll! She does look amazing, but she is in a very different universe.

  • Elle

    FC – you are always fabulous with the posting, but I have to give it to you: with the Gala’s coverage and all, this week my lady YOU WERE ON POINT! (Unsurprisingly 😉 )

    Seriously, your constant updates are such welcomed mini-breaks during the horrible revision I have to go through!

    Well done and thank you, as always, for the amazing work!

    Hope you have a lovely weekend 🙂 xxx

    • Fashion Critic

      Thank you so much and good luck with you revision x

  • Shaina

    Nina Dobrev for me this week. This was custom made to perfection. She always looks so regal and elegant. Then would be Karolina, I love the addition of the headpiece.

  • Disappointed that Kate’s leading so strongly. She looks great, but it’s a shame that such a conventional, conservative look is beating something more creative and original like Karolina’s look.

    She’s become the new Anne Hathaway – wins every time she’s on the poll.

    • Laura

      + 10

    • Elly

      Agree ++
      She does look nice, but nice is about it.
      I like how wearing an updo counts as ‘changing it up’.. her style is soo predictable *yawn*
      Solange Knowles and many other Met looks trumps this.
      Diana Agronn for me….

  • Zineb

    The Duchess blew me away and I went for her.We shoud’ve guessed that her tight-high split gown of her last appearance was the begining of something new for her (fashionly speaking).She gave us THAT special moment we’ve been looking for.
    I’m still keeping the faith in another girl:Scarlett! I wish she, also, can once and for all make a real come back and follow Catherine’steps by realizing her potential.
    Thank you FC for this phenomenal week, it’s been amazing! NO other fashion blog can stand up to yours really! We know that next week is going to be as much exciting for both the readers and yourself 😉
    Great work and enjoy your weekend.

    • Fashion Critic

      Thank you…plenty of relaxation for me before Cannes 🙂

  • Aline

    I voted for the Dutchess, ’cause she looks simply breathtaking.

    Honorable mentions to Ashley Greene who was my favorite from the MET Gala and Kurkova for the WOAH factor.

  • In that pic Gaga is the living proof that extreme hills make short girls look shorter

  • Yeliz

    Catherine in Jenny Packham. I’m still in a wonderful dream and I don’t want to wake up.

    Nina is my runner-up. I agree that it was the best custom-made gown that night.

    And my 3rd best dressed are Jada Pinkett-Smith and Dianna Agron. Couldn’t decide who is more beautiful so they both are in the 3rd place for me.

    Have an amazing and relaxed weekend FC! I’m sure you’re not fully recovered since the Met Gala. 🙂

    • Fashion Critic

      If I wasn’t recovered, Catherine woke me up.

      Have a great weekend x

  • Arlena

    Easy- Karolina. The whole look is phenomenol, I still can’t take my eyes of it. Kate does look beautiful, but Karolina’s look feels more daring and one of a kind.

  • Ayva

    Am I the only one that disliked Nina’s look. It was so boring. You’re at the Met Ball, it’s the one time you can take a massive risk with fashion and no-one will completely slaughter you. Like Karolina’s look (who knew the Zoe had it in her), the turban just adds to the drama that should go with an outfit for the Met Ball. Voted for the Duchess however because I haven’t seen her look that good since her wedding day. Her and Jenny Packham need to have words as they are a collaboration made in fashion heaven.

  • Nat39

    Noone can beat Karolina for me. Majestic and awe-inspiring, she is in a league of her own here (imo).
    Catherine with the very pretty look (that colour is gorgeous!)- 2nd.
    Nina – 3rd.

    • SilentVisitor

      Totally agree with you…. Karolina got my vote too

  • Riley

    I’m surprised that only three looks from the Met Gala made BDOTW. There should’ve been more I think. I think BDOTW should have been bigger, because it was a big week, not just because of the Gala.

    I voted for Nina Dorobev, because whenever the Duchess of Camberidge (what is Kate’s last name now? Does she even have one?) is on the BDOTW poll she always wins, even if there are better looks.

    Nina so wins for me. Natalie shouldn’t have been nominated as her dress isn’t stunning and her look isn’t swoon worthy. Stunning and swoon worthy means BDOTW.

    • Fashion Critic

      I put 16 on the Met poll and there were only 2 clear winners, so the need to add more to this poll became redundant as it was clear they were not all favoured by the readers.

  • Laura

    Karolina Kurkova ! She totally deserves it 🙂

  • dee

    Give it to the Duchess. She has never looked better.

    • Kaz

      +1. Met who?? 🙂

      Such a great week FC – have a fabulous weekend! xx

  • Anna

    Nina Dobrev!

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