Michelle Pfeiffer In Lanvin – ‘Dark Shadows’ London Premiere

Michelle Pfeiffer was at London’s Empire in Leicester Square tonight for the ‘Dark Shadows’ European premiere.

The actress wore another Lanvin Fall 2012 dress.

On this occasion I’m not crazy about this Bordeaux silk-satin strapless look as it doesn’t look very well tailored, plus I’m always immediately put off a look when I see creases all over it.

Wavy tresses, Cathy Waterman and Samira 13 jewels plus the same Sergio Rossi ‘Cachet’ black pumps she wore to the last premiere completed her look.

Lets pray she packed more than one pair of shoes for this promo tour.

Credit: Getty

14 thoughts on “Michelle Pfeiffer In Lanvin – ‘Dark Shadows’ London Premiere

  1. Yeliz

    This dress is very cheap-looking.

    “Lets pray she packed more than one pair of shoes for this promo tour.” ITA.

  2. Raquel

    I can’t help but think Michelle looks so so so pretty that I don’t care about what she is wearing.

    1. Lee Ann

      I agree . I also want to thank her for showing the world that 55 year old women can still look good if they take care of themselves.

  3. GiGi

    She is very pretty, but needs to cut her hair.. and lay off the face plumpers… very unnatural look. I agree. Very cheap dress

  4. Riley

    Meh. Even if it was tailored it would still be meh. I have never been wowed by Michelle. Especially Michelle in Lanvin.

  5. Sharon

    Michelle is such a beautiful woman, but this look does nothing for her. I think it’s time to change the hairstyle and take more interest in her clothing. Let’s hope she gets better as the tour proceeds.

  6. Tahj

    Since her Hairspray promos she has been wearing little dresses and wild hair. I think she thinks it gives her a more youthful look and it does. I like how simple she dresses.


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