Amy Adams In Giambattista Valli Couture – 2012 Met Gala

Amy Adams also attended the 2012 Met Gala in New York City on Monday night.

The actress wore a Giambattista Valli Spring 2012 Couture gown.

Her one-shouldered silk chiffon gown with a black velvet insert was styled with a silver and gold bow belt by Luigi Scialanga for Giambattista Valli.

The dress, while beautiful, is a bit simple for the occasion.

I wish she’d opted for something with a bit more bite as I will not remember this look by the end of the night.

Veronica Lake waves and a red lippie finish the look.

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26 thoughts on “Amy Adams In Giambattista Valli Couture – 2012 Met Gala

  1. Riley

    I agree FC. This is not a standout gown. This would work for a film premiere, but not here. An waste of a gown only due to the occasion it was worn to, as Amy looks amazing.

  2. EmmaWoodhouse

    The bow is a bit too cutesy, I would have preferred a simple gold waistband instead, I think. Other than that, the look is gorgeous, simple and elegant. She is really flawless here, but I do agree–it is not dramatic enough for the Met!

  3. Jennifer

    Love her art deco style Judith Leiber clutch…. its so perfect with the gown. Agree its a bit safe but really beautiful and at least memorable enough against the sea of forgettable SUPER safe choices like JessAlba!

  4. Emmeline

    I loved this whole collection, so I’m glad to see someone like Amy doing it justice tonight. However, I agree with you FC that it’s a bit simple. There were some stunning, dramatic looks from the spring couture line and part of me wishes she’d picked one of those instead.

  5. Wong Hiao Hiao

    Yawn. Veronica Lake waves … flowing gowns …she’s beginning to give me the Renee Zellweger one-note-instrument vibe (when she was stuck in her Carolina Herrera phase).

  6. Emi

    This is a gorgeous look, she looks so chic and elegant from head to toe. The dress is so beautiful, even if considering that the exhibition is about two women who broke fashion rules I expected to see some daring looks.

  7. Andreea

    She looks really nice,but it’s boring because she always dresses from Giambattista Valli and she never tries something different.

  8. Rebecca Z

    I love this, but agree that is is not dazzling enough for the occasion. But also not simple ans sleek like Rihanna and Emily Blunt. But she looks so beautiful…shame to be lost in the crowd in THIS.

  9. Hannah

    I feel liek somethign is missing. To me, more attitiude, red nails & the clutch & belt matching would have made it more memorable.

  10. Felicia

    I think she looks perfect. Yes, she does kind of disappear into the background when compared to everybody else, but still… Perfection.

  11. Dhppy

    If only she had lost that bow, then I could have quietly liked it, instead of feeling slightly annoyed.

  12. Jess2

    While there is no doubt that she looks lovely, this is a bit too simple for the Met. I was really hoping to see a lot more Spring 2012 Couture this year but a tad disappointed.


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