Sarah Jessica Parker In Rochas & Jil Sander – ‘Nice Work If You Can Get It’ Broadway Opening Night

Sarah Jessica Parker joined Matthew Broderick and her son James Wilkie Broderick on the red carpet for Broadway’s opening night of ‘Nice Work If You Can Get It’ on Tuesday night in New York City.

The actress appears to have a love of pairing oversized overcoats with gowns.

On this occasion she wore an ecru Rochas silk gown with a matching long wool coat from the Jil Sander Fall 2012 collection which was accented with a floral corsage.

Fred Leighton and Manolo Blahnik mint-green pumps and slightly wavy locks completed her look.

It appears her crossbody bag fetish has been replaced with an oversized coat fetish.

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  • this coat looks sooooo weird on her!

  • Aline

    I think her son looks way better than she does. He looks so adorable and I can’t help but think Matthew was the one who chose the boy’s suit.

  • Jones19

    The long coat and dress is swallowing her. She’s too short and petite for this.

  • Dhppy

    I prefer Rihanna’s Topshop Slip dress to this one. Score one for affordable clothing!

  • Hannah

    I seriously dislike this look, which, sadly, is my eneral opinion of most of her looks from the past few months. She just ruins every outfit with one thing, nowadays it’s these coats, before that the white pointed pumps *shivers*, and before that the cross body bags. The outfit makes her look short & dowdy, the huge flower doesn’t help, and nordo the boring & poorly matched colours. I feel like this was always going to be a photographic, not a street or red carpet coat.

  • SJP is atlast proving her opponents right. She doesn’t have a good style sense. I have not seen a single look on her where you couldn’t edit several items – pointy pumps, crossbody bags, oversized coats. Its never fashion forward

  • Christine

    Not flattering.

    “It appears her crossbody bag fetish has been replaced with an oversized coat fetish.”

    I agree FC.

  • Stage curtain?

  • bm

    I’m speechless by her love of oversize coat (in a bad way)

  • She always looks so stunning !!

  • Ramsay

    Gorgeous – what a chic pairing – i am absolutely blown away

  • gabis

    Is it just me or does SJP seem to have a HUGE problem with coats? She hardly gets that right and she loves oversized coats that rarely look good on her.
    It also seems to me she has done something with her hair lately, not sure exactly what, but it’s amazing, she looks fresh, young and really gorgeous. I loved it.

  • Sabina

    I love this, she looks very lovely and refined. On this occasion this outfit works best with the coat on, as the dress would be pretty nightgown-ish on its own. I also like the mint pumps and the pale pink and yellow bag she carried that is not visible in this photo.

  • this ensemble just doesn’t work for her. the color is too pale and the dress+coat combination doesn’t look flattering. i miss her old days of fitted dresses with big, puffy skirts in bright colors.

    • Alina


    • EmmaWoodhouse

      yes, this rich bag lady stage needs to bite the dust!!! Remember that gorgeous printed Alexander McQueen? This coat is too huge and plain, the dress might be nice but who can tell when she’s so swamped?

  • Riley

    I understand why she would think this would work, but it looks frumpy to me.

  • She looks like she’s being kidnapped by her son!

  • robbie

    it is a beautiful coat but i wish she went for a size or two smaller, it looks as if she is a little girl trying on her mothers clothes.

    • bas


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