Sarah Jessica Parker In Vintage Oscar de la Renta – Carnegie Hall Medal Of Excellence Gala

Sarah Jessica Parker was back on the red carpet last night at the Waldorf Astoria for the Carnegie Hall Medal Of Excellence Gala which honoured the original street-style photographer, Bill Cunningham.

The actress wore a vintage Oscar de la Renta metallic-grey silk bustle-back strapless gown.

She no doubt wore the dress to honour Mr de la Renta himself, who was one of the co-chairs of the evening.

A white cardigan and a black Jerome Dreyfuss ‘Bobi’ bag completed the look.

I think the dress could’ve been taken in at the bust a little and I would’ve preferred a tailored cropped blazer or a bolero to the cardigan.

Whilst I’m thankful that no oversized coats or cross-body bags were involved in this look, I can’t take my eyes of Hamish Bowles. He looks so very dapper.

Credit: Getty

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  • noo

    sjp needs to stop wearing outerwear at fancy events and on red carpets!

  • harris

    omg this looks like a horrid bridesmaid dress

  • gurlgurl

    Some things are best left hiding in the back if the cupboard and that dress is one if them!

  • Sharon

    The only thing I can say about SJP’s gown is that the color seems to exactly match her eyes. Otherwise I’m disappointed.

  • june

    i would put hamish up for BDOTW over sarah jessica easily. he’s elegant and interesting and so beautifully dressed

  • Ramsay

    It’s not so bad – she has certainly done better – the dress looks grand and maybe slightly dated – i guess the cardigan was meant to temper all that grandeur and sort of old school feeling – it doesn’t necessarily work but I appreciate the effort nonetheless

  • Aline

    It’s so vintage the color started to fade.

  • EmmaWoodhouse

    This is juat a sloppy mess…sad, because in the right hands the dress could have had potential!

  • Alina

    Just no.

  • Rebecca Z

    She looks over-committed and rumpled

  • robbie

    never thought i would say this about SJP or a oscar de la renta dress, but what a mess. it looks cheap did she roll around in it before leaving for the event perhaps.

  • Christine

    Sorry but that dress is all types of ugly

  • Nat39

    The fit does seem too loose at the bust, the wrinkled material is my biggest complaint here, don’t mind the cardigan, I think it works well, the black shoulder bag isn’t really working. Not liking this but at least she didn’t go overboard with accessories as she usually does.

    • Jones19

      The wrinkles are killing me too. The gown looks super cheap on her.

    • Yeliz

      Agree on everything.

  • vicky

    My eyes are drawn to Mr Bowles, he’s stealing the spotlight IMO.

    I’m sorry but that “thing” SJP is wearing must be one of the worst things ever coming from Oscar de la Renta! Bad prom dress, at best…

  • Hannah

    The gown doesn’t fit & looks dated, I really cannot stand the fabric or colour, especially as it’s creased, and the necklace & cardigan just add to how lacklustre nineties the whole look is. Her hair & makeup are good, but the outfit is a realy miss for me, which is bad because Sarah Jessica certainly can do a gown well, especially an Oscar dLR gown.
    Also, I totally feel what you’re saying about Hamish, even though I miss the moustache, he does look amazing. The men are having a great week for me, red carpet-wise.

    • Riley

      I agree. She looks like she stepped out of 1994. This is effortless in the worst way. To me it’s one of her worst looks, as we know how great she can look.

      Two strikes so far. Since it’s SJP, I’m going to give her eight 😉

  • ashinyoconnor

    Dear God, no.

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