On The Set Of Desperate Housewives With Vanessa Williams In Kevan Hall

Vanessa Williams was spotted with co-star Eva Longoria filming scenes for the last season of ‘Desperate Housewives’ last week in LA.

Eva is pretty in purple, whilst Vanessa looks stunning wearing a Kevan Hall Spring 2012 bridal gown from the designer’s White Label collection.

The ivory tulle bustier gown with rosebud embroidery is styled with an embellished veil with a large floral detail.

From these scenes it’s hard to judge whether Vanessa is a runaway bride or desperate to get to the church on time.

I guess we will have to tune in to find out.

Credit: Kevan Hall facebook & FameFlynet

10 thoughts on “On The Set Of Desperate Housewives With Vanessa Williams In Kevan Hall

  1. Yeliz

    This is one of the most beautiful bridal gowns I’ve seen lately, but it looks better on the model.

  2. EmmaWOodhouse

    This dress looks ethereal and gorgeous on the model, but on Vanessa it looks tacky. Eva’s dress is very bad bridesmaid, but it’s probably supposed to be.

  3. robbie

    for some reason i love the fact eva is standing on the dress in the first picture. it does look quite tacky on vanessa although part of me wants to think thats because of the character, the huge flower on her head has got to go.

    1. Fashion Critic Post author

      Yep…both thumbs up.

      I love this show…cheesy and camp, but hilariously entertaining.

  4. Ann

    Thank you for this post! I was wondering who designed this gown. I don’t like it on Vanessa, maybe because of the headpiece but still it’s a lovely gown.
    Is there any chance to know who’s Eva wearing?

  5. Riley

    Why is it that every strapless dress Eva Longoria wears seems to be inching down too low? The veil looks a bit stupid with the pom pom flower, but it’s a nice gown.

    1. Michelle

      Totally agree with you regarding the veil – it’s just so mismatched with such an elegant dress to have this gigantic flower sticking out of her hair =[

  6. Jamie

    Vanessa Williams looks beautiful in that dress and I’m going to miss this show so muchhhhhhh!

    Thumbs Up if you think that model needs to eat something tho!


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