Coachella Music Festival 2012

Here is a round up some of the celebrity looks from Coachella Music Festival this weekend.

Katy Perry: The singer has finally ditched the blue hair, this time in favour of purple locks. How she still has a full head of hair I will never know. Her Ashish v-neck dress was embellished with a garden of sequined red roses. A Coach crossbody red bag, torn tights and black creepers completed her look. What do you think of the purple hair? I think it’s more workable than blue.

Fergie: The Black Eyed Peas singer is another star who managed to hit all the right style notes with her laidback, effortless festival chic look. Sporting neutral colours she wore a beige maxi dress with a sand fringed vest.. Ankle boots, shades and a beige shoulder bag completed her look. She managed to pick selection of complementary accessories without overwhelming her look. Note to Vanessa Hudgens.

Florence Welch: The one person who was bound to get the dress code oh so right at this event was Florence. This hippie, boho style of dressing is basically her true off-duty style. She wore a Vilshenko Spring 2012 floaty maxi dress which is part paisley print and part floral with a v-neckline. The unexpected addition to her earthy look was a Dolce & Gabbana metallic woven raffia bag.

Emma Roberts: The young actress sported a very cute look which consisted of mirco floral shorts and a crochet top. I love the fun, colourful accessories including blue shades and simple gladiator flats.

Lea Michele: If there was one person I would’ve expected to overcook her look at Coachella was Lea Michele. She surprises me with a very simple, refined look which included a white shirt dress, a red bikini and Aldo wedges. She can do diva and simple. Who knew?

Lindsay Lohan: Wearing a white angelic white laser cut dress, Lindsay Lohan accessorizes with Jeffery Campbell platform shoes and a mini Prada bag. Glad to see her looking somewhat like her old self.

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36 thoughts on “Coachella Music Festival 2012

  1. Yeliz

    -Florence Welch looks very pretty.
    -I like Emma Roberts’ effortless look too.
    -I don’t like Katy Perry, Fergie and Lindsay Lohan.
    -And I think Lea Michele is still a tad overdressed compared to the others at this festival.

  2. Riley

    Fergie’s look is confusing and her shoes are ugly.

    Katy looks awful. Her look is a no no.

    Lindsay looks pregnant but healthy.

    Lea looks cute and not eyerollable.

    Emma and Florence got it PERFECTLY right. The others NOPE.

  3. Mary Jane Anderson

    I love Emma Roberts’ shorts! She looks so cute. I also like Lea Michele’s look since she’s the only one – maybe with Lohan – that didn’t opt for a hippie styling.

    Has any of you seen Isabel Lucas this year? I thought she looked wonderful last year and I was really looking forward to see her this year! :)

  4. Lauren

    Katy Perry: Definite improvement on the hair though I’m still wishing she’d go back to black.

    Fergie: Love it. So effortless, and something I wish I could wear!

    Florence: I never like anything she wears so I won’t comment.

    Emma: So cute! Definitely going to try and get shorts like these

    Lea: Gorgeous but she looks like she should be on a yacht rather than at a festival

    Lindsay: Don’t like what she is wearing but overall it’s the best she has looked in ages!

      1. EmmaWoodhouse

        Thank you again! :)
        Katy’s hair is better, but it’s still bad…as is her outfit.
        Fergie looks like a sloppy mess. Ditto for Florence.
        Emma’s outfit is a bit too skimpy
        Lea’s is too sexy.
        Lindsay looks better but that dress is micro-mini short. I would have liked it as a tank top.

  5. Aline

    FC, I was so excited for you to post pics of Katy in Coachella because I was dying to know yours and the readers opinion about her new hair. LOL. Thank God she got rid of that horrible blue. I actually kinda love the purple and the fact that she got extensions. It’s not as good as black but, like you sad, it’s workable. As for the clothes I hate it, it’s very trashy. I liked the other dress she wore on the other day of the event.

    And well, actually, I don’t like any of these looks…

  6. Hannah

    Maybe it’s because I’m not really into festival fashion, but everyone so far, except for Kate Bosworth & Diane Kruger, look pretty awful.

  7. ash

    I just love florence`s outfit, you just not that she`s not trying to dress up for coachella, and lindsay looks amazing as well, love the pop of color!

  8. Sharon

    OK, once again I’ll show my age. What is the point of wearing torn hosiery? We used to throw away stockings that looked like that. Stockings aside, I really like the purple hair. Fergie and Lindsay are my favorites among the group.

  9. Kelly

    FC, will you be doing a post on the models at Coachella? There were a lot of models including Karlie Kloss who looked super cute there this weekend!

  10. alannah

    fergie was definitely my favourite but apart from that i liked very few of what the celebs wore at coachella this year (apart from diane & kate as well). its so bizarre some of the items they pair together.. i’ve seen much much better looks at australian festivals from individuals who are on a much much lower budget then these stars. their looks are just generally odd imo!

  11. Vidhya

    I have liked only Florence Welch’s look till now ans even her bag is a little too much. Celebs seem to be piling on accessories and fringes and stuff without rhyme or reason. so weird. they all look hideous.

  12. Amy

    Emma gets it right, her casual look are always stylish and cute.
    Lea looks like a nurse who forgot to button her shirt after a “pause”
    I agree with everyone, it seems like Coachella is a code : ” throw on whatever you own” for celebs. I always see the weirdest styles there.

  13. effieee

    I love that Katy Perry is wear brothel creepers, I have the same pair. But the overall look could’ve been improved if she ditched the tights and carried a more neutral colored bag.

    I love everything about Fergie’s look, except her boots. They’re hideous. As is Emma Robert’s top. Not particularly flattering either.

    I think Lea Michel’s look is cute, but not exactly event appropriate. She looks like she’s attending Diddy’s White Party, not Coachella.

    And I love Lindsay Lohan’s Jeffery Campbell Lita booties and Prada bag, but I can’t say the same for the outfit. The dress makes her look bloated. Or maybe it’s the shirt tied around her waist that makes her looked bloated. Either way it’s not flattering.


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