Karolina Kurkova In Stéphane Rolland Couture – Vienna Awards For Fashion & Lifestyle

Karolina Kurkova donned her second Stéphane Rolland Couture look at the Vienna Awards in Austria on Monday night.

Whilst accepting her ‘Style Icon’ award she wore a lime green flowing chiffon gown from the designers Spring 2012 Couture collection.

The halter gown with the gold hardware was worn without the gold waistband, but it doesn’t upset the balance of this stunning look.

It looks like Karolina is going for back-to-back BDOTW wins.

Which of her Stéphane Rolland Couture looks did you prefer?

The yellow dress or this lime green gown?

Credit: Elle.com & Andreas Tischler

38 thoughts on “Karolina Kurkova In Stéphane Rolland Couture – Vienna Awards For Fashion & Lifestyle

  1. Nat39

    Glad she opted out of wearing the belt, don’t think so much gold hardware would’ve translated well off the runway, the standout major statement chest piece is perfectly sufficient, great choice not to wear any standout jewellery and to pull her hair back. Can’t find a flaw really. I choose this look for BDOTW worthy.

  2. fromchi-town

    This one is just too gorgeous. This is was my fav look from this collection. Love love love – its the perfect spring color!!

  3. Aurélien

    OMG ! This colour is so vibrant ! Like you, I deplore the lack of Stephane Rolland on the red carpet … He’s so talentuous, and his gowns are much more interesting than the tacky ones young starlet are stubborned to gave us !

  4. jane

    Fu*king amazing! Love the color, love the hardware constrasted with the diaphonous quality of the gown, and love the red lips. She looks modern and cool.

  5. EmmaWoodhouse

    I hate to be the downer but I didn’t love this look. The neon green hurts my eyes–I think electric blue would have been a nicer shade that would have still popped–and the gold detailing looks sort of campy and cheap. She also looks a bit stiff and the red lipstick is a bit harsh.

    1. Jacqu

      Same here, I think if it was someone witha different skin colour, or perhaps if the lighting was better, I’d love it, but no. ALMOST a great dress, except for the color.

  6. Rebecca Z

    Stunning. But I think the yellow dress is more difficult to wear and more unusual, so I vote for the short one!

  7. Tiffany Nicole

    Guess it’s just me. I don’t know if I don’t like the color or don’t like the color on her. Or maybe it’s her lifeless facial expression. I’m just not interested.

  8. ramsay

    I have to say both these dresses are better than the Elie Saab from last week – This week is bringing up some great fashion, the YSL dresses and jumpsuits at the Met, then Kate, then Rihanna, then this – Very good – I have a slight preference for this dress but the yellow is gorgeous too – Well done – he should definitely push to have more of his dresses on the red carpet – they are already red carpet material -

  9. Matt R

    Okay…it’s a model’s job to look beautiful on and off the runway. But this is about the clothes and the styling and I have to say that I much prefer this one to the yellow Stephane Rolland dress. There is something about acid/lime green that, when it’s on the right person, it can look so beautiful (I keep thinking of Nikki Reed in her acid-green Michael Kors dress). Karolina and green (any shade of green, considering how she looked in Elie Saab last week) seems to be great. I would put this one up for BDOTW.

    Thanks FC :)

  10. bm

    Oh no, i am the only one who prefer her yellow dress. But, all of them is great. If you put this one, it’s fine for me.

  11. Jen

    The colour and the gold accents brings to mind the Versace Spring 2012 Couture Collection, though you know it’s not, since I think all the Versace gold accents were crescent shaped.

  12. Jess2

    Stunning, the dress is amazing!! I definitely love this look more than her previous though that look was also gorgeous. I am now stumped on who to vote for BDOTW, I thought Kate Winslet had it for sure but Karolina has brought in some fierce competition :)

  13. bee7

    one of my favourites from this collection! this is definitely better than her previous look but i wish her make up was more dramatic, maybe with smokey eyes

  14. Parvati

    I prefer this lime green gown to the yellow dress. It’s stunning! I just don’t get why she didn’t also wear the runway gold belt.


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