Charlize Theron In Boy by Band of Outsiders – 25 Most Powerful Stylists Luncheon

New mum Charlize Theron was also in attendance at the inaugural 25 Most Powerful Stylists Luncheon hosted by The Hollywood Reporter and Jimmy Choo at Soho House in Beverly Hills yesterday afternoon.

She wore a Boy by Band of Outsiders coat dress for the occasion.

The lightweight wool dress features a notched lapel collar, 3/4-length sleeves with padded shoulders, and a pleated skirt.

The menswear-inspired blazer-style dress is a typically chic, effortless look for Charlize, but I would’ve loved to have seen her add some interesting accessories to this look.

A low ponytail and black sandals provided the finishing touches.

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18 Responses to Charlize Theron In Boy by Band of Outsiders – 25 Most Powerful Stylists Luncheon

  1. Amy March 17, 2012 at 22:22 #

    I love the look, this is not a red carpet , it was a nice lunch with some stylists and their clients so no need to overdo it.

  2. Sharon March 16, 2012 at 22:43 #

    I think she looks great in this dress. I love the simplicity of it. I don’t think it needs accessories, but I wouldn’t be disappointed if they were added. What a beautiful woman she is. It’s good to see her back on the red carpet.

  3. Dhppy March 16, 2012 at 17:22 #

    I like the sandals she chose. It accentuates her long long legs. I suppose some other accessories would be fitting for this event, though.

  4. EmmaWoodhouse March 16, 2012 at 15:33 #

    Too short and too boring. I think she looks awkward in it.

  5. Lori March 15, 2012 at 17:57 #

    My first thought was that it is chic and unique, but I think you are right that it could use some accessories.

    • Rebecca Z March 15, 2012 at 21:03 #

      I agree too. But wouldn’t it be fun to be able to throw that on, put on those gorgeous shoes, and walk out of the house and look that good?

    • pipsqueak March 16, 2012 at 05:12 #

      Agree. Even if w/o accessories, I think she could’ve opted for a pair of gold or silver sandals instead of black.

  6. Tina March 15, 2012 at 16:39 #

    This is a really cute look! I agree that some interesting accessories would be helpful.

  7. DivaDebbi (Beauty and Fashion Blog) March 15, 2012 at 15:26 #

    It’s not a WOW, but she looks chic, crisp and comfortable.

  8. Hannah March 15, 2012 at 13:38 #

    She looks nice, but the dress is an aqkward fit and length on her.
    I have to say that, especially given that this is an event for stylists, it has been quite a poorly dressed event, even usually great people like Zoe & Charlize look sub standard at best, and the worst part is that it’s the styling letting most of the looks down.

    • Shilpi March 15, 2012 at 15:23 #

      + 1 , totally agree, no body really stands out

    • manja March 15, 2012 at 15:28 #

      good point Hannah,comletly agree.And as CT,what happend to her RC mojo????she become so boring,as is this outfit,balck,bad fit,and she is a georgues woman,she can do so so much better.

    • Christine March 15, 2012 at 16:29 #

      Very good point.

    • Kennedy March 15, 2012 at 20:54 #

      Really? Are we looking at the same picture? I have to respectfully disagree with you. I think Charlize looks stunning- even better than the model… with those long, long legs. I’m so jealous! I think the dress is fun for an “LBD” but it’s overpowering and considering this event is honoring her stylist, not her, she did the right thing. I love it.

      • Kennedy March 15, 2012 at 20:55 #

        ****it’s NOT overpowering

  9. Alina March 15, 2012 at 13:08 #

    I really like it!

  10. AW March 15, 2012 at 13:08 #

    Sexy and easy, very nice. I am wishing for a pop of color.

  11. bm March 15, 2012 at 13:03 #

    Now, this is how you done a simple look without being boring. I’m looking at you, MICHELLE WILLIAMS.

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