Fan Bingbing In Louis Vuitton – Louis Vuitton – Marc Jacobs: The Exhibition

Fan Bingbing also attended ‘Louis Vuitton – Marc Jacobs: The Exhibition’ in Paris yesterday evening.

The Asian beauty opted for a totally different look on this occasion, going from sweet to temptress, wearing a zebra-print Louis Vuitton Spring 2011 look.

She wore the look as it was presented on the runway with the semi-sheer strapless jumpsuit and matching cape.

A beige LV clutch, kohl-rimmed eyes and 40s-style victory rolls completed her look.

This was my favourite look from her yesterday.

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36 thoughts on “Fan Bingbing In Louis Vuitton – Louis Vuitton – Marc Jacobs: The Exhibition

  1. Ade

    Does it have to be so costumey can’t she just…..dress? Every of her outfit that isn’t Saab is always so costume like. Remember Versace for H&M? Costume!

    1. Sea

      LOL I definitely recall that hideous look, which defies description. I guess besides her red carpet Saab appearances, she really just dresses like Lady Gaga. But I thought this one was fairly good, compared to her other scary ones.

    2. Sue Jin

      can’t help but agree. its nice to have fun with fashion but with her its just too costumey sometimes.

  2. dee

    I wish the pants were shorter. They are too long and it messes up the flow of the pants. Also, the blank stare is scary.

  3. Vidhya

    I love it, head to toe.. its always something unexpected from Fan Bing Bing. And love that capes are catching on.. Love them

  4. Nat39

    She seems to be ‘swimming’ in/slightly overwhelmed by this outfit, and I could’ve lived without that clutch but I still like it, love the way her hair and makeup work with the outfit. I do not find it costumey but rather interesting and creative in a very appealing way.

    1. EmmaWoodhouse

      Yes, I agree. She holds her own and I love her so much that I overlook her quirky costumes and just await the return of Saab :)

  5. TeaAtTwo

    I love when someone takes a look off runway that I wouldn’t have considered and then turns it into something quite fabulous. I think the hair and eyes go well with the outfit.

  6. Ramsay

    Oh no! It’s too much – she’s always extreme in one way or the other: too “princessy”, too fashionista, too colourful etc. – i do like that cape though and i wonder who started that trend: wasn’t it Giambattista Valli with his first couture collection worn in avant premiere by Charlotte de Monaco (and with much less success and much more hair) by SJP?

  7. Rebecca Leonin

    um….I really like her, and I admit that this is wayyyyy better than the other looks of the same day. However I just think that cape was way too much and the clutch does not go with the outfit. Maybe next time she should try something a bit more…lets say…normal?

  8. conchitabocanegrita_09

    oh crude, holy bejeusus baby girl where the crap am I? I have been following you FC for 2 years now and this compelled me to write my very first comment. I can not stand this “I am a fashion girl and I am crossing the promontories of my Elie Saab uniformity” Ms Fan Bing Bing recently engaging on to. It is absolutely fine to be fashion forward, at least she managed to create an impression that she is slowly trying to traverse herself from the usual elegance

    1. Fashion Critic Post author

      She’s not to everyone’s taste, but to me she not boring and that’s why I love her.

      I would take Fan over Elizabeth Olsen any day

      Fan may try too hard, but at least she trying

  9. conchitabocanegrita_09

    and the usual ‘red carpet regalia’ that we are used to, but this is just tooo much, tooo bawdy and gaudy, she is trying to be someone that she is not, if I will see her on Cannes wearing something like this I will cry because the leading lady of this blog is already trying haaaaaaaaaaard and that for me is the greatest SIN that a true fashionista can commit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. D

    pants are too long,and it feels like she is going to a fancy dress party. but she is still really pretty


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