Emma Stone In Chanel Couture – 2012 Vanity Fair Oscar Party

Emma Stone appeared in her second stunning look of the night at the 2012 Vanity Fair Oscars Party, held in West Hollywood last evening.

I’m completely blown away by Emma in this Chanel Fall 2011 Couture dress.

The layered black chiffon dress flares out at the waist before becoming partially sheer, showing off flashes of leg.

Crystal brooches on each shoulder provide the only sparkle necessary.

I keep going back and forth as to whether I would have preferred to have seen this dress on the red carpet for the main event.

Which look was your favourite?

Giambattista Valli Couture or Chanel Couture?

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  • Jess2

    This is perfection!!! I looove this look and even though I very much loved her Giambattista Valli gown this Chanel is my favourite.

  • Parvati

    I definitely prefer this look to the Giambatista Valli Couture one. She looks stunning!

  • Shaina

    This gown is amazing! She looks outstanding.

  • Amy

    that’s the Emma I love.She really brings excitement to the RC.The dress looks like a mess on Freja Beha(the model)but on Emma it’s just lovely.
    Anyway her red dress was more suited to the red carpet, I think she made a right choice

  • Alina


  • goldfish

    i prefer the giambastista valli- adored that one!
    normally i love chanel, however this dress looks really unfinished

  • Emi

    It’s hard to choose, but this is gorgeous. She looked beautiful in Valli, but maybe this is a bit better, just because the red dress reminds too much of that gorgeous dress worn by N. Kidman when she had an incredible sense of style.

  • roxana

    so so so beautiful!

  • slashdot

    Neither, actually. The Giambattista Valli was too similar to Nicole Kidman’s Oscar dress from a few years ago, not to mention the Gucci dresses. And this seems completely fussy, yet boring to me.

  • Yes it’s a black, but I would’ve prefer this over the Giambattista Valli she wore, of course with different make up

  • Mol

    I love both dresses, but this brings more excitement, to me anyway…so I think this one should have had it’s Oscar moment

  • Fromchi-town

    This is stunning. This was the kind of wow moment i was expecting of her on the red carpet. Love her in this dress.

  • dee


  • Ramsay

    I am bluffed how good this looks on her – i really don’t like it on the runway but on her it’s incredibly chic – she should’ve worn this to the awards for sure

  • gurlygurl

    I wish she’d worn this on the red carpet!!! Beautiful detail, just heavenly.

  • pipsqueak

    This one, this one! I totally prefer this Chanel gown over G. Valli. I’m perhaps a little bias, because I’d choose French over Italian, dark over warm almost every time. But then Emma definitely made it work. Black looked so great with her red hair. She actually looked better than the model.

    • gurlygurl

      YES! she does wear it better than the model!

  • hally

    oh my god, i love this look!!! why emma why didn’t you wear this to the main event? well, i guess she didn’t want to upstage any of the nominees, but still!

  • Meha

    Breathtaking, I can’t decide b/w this and Valli. Only reason I’d pick Valli is for the color!

  • I love this look by far over the Giambattista Valli. I honestly didn’t understand the fuss over that dress. In general, I’m loving the fashion at the Oscar after parties over the ones seen on the red carpet.

  • Luiza

    In love with the dress! Emma is the one to bring some excitment to the red carpet, which didn’t happen on the main event.. Here, liking it or not she makes a more daring choice, more like her!

  • ash

    She looks really good even though that Chanel couture dress is a mess, that dress looks like it’s built from sraps. Emma workd it anyway.

  • asherlev1

    I freaking LOVE this. Gives Gwyneth a real fun for her money.

    • asherlev1

      Whoops, *run for her money

  • Emmeline

    She looks gorgeous. This is probably my favorite look from the entire night. I do wish the makeup was just a tiny bit bolder, but I understand that it was done to match the dress she wore at the ceremony.

  • Mallory

    She looks great! I’m glad she chose the black dress for the after party as there were so many black dresses at the oscars.

  • Emma

    I can’t decide between them. Both are amazing…she never disappoints!

  • I still like the Giambattista Valli better than this one. Emma makes it work but I’m not a big fan of the dress itself.

  • M.

    She’s a stunner

  • i love emma stone (she looked gorgeous in the valli), but i think this dress was completely wasted on her. diane kruger or (and i can’t believe i’m even typing it) blake lively would have totally made it stand out.

  • AW

    I loooooove this! Wish she would’ve worn it on the red carpet!

  • Jones19

    I like this look but the Valli was better suited to the red carpet.

  • Hannah

    Although htis reminds me so much of the dress from the same colelction that Julianne More wore perfectly to the Globes I would stil choose this as, on balance, it is less similar to a less iconic gown.
    What’s more is that she looks like she’s just been crying, at first I would have blamed this on the makeup, but then I noticed, didn’t take long, that she isn’t working this gown half as well as she has worn anything else in the past.

  • Ally

    Actually I was thinking the exact same thing when I saw a picture of Emma in this black dress earlier. Stunning, sophisticated and probably more universally ‘best dressed’ than the Giambattista she wore on the red carpet. Actually now that I think about it, I would have preferred that she wear this on the red carpet. The other one was more a WOW dress with the colour but this one really just looks better.

  • EmmaWoodhouse

    Wow, OK. In theory I should hate this, and on the runway I do, but on Emma–there’s really just something about Emma. She is like the young Zoe Saldana/Cate Blanchett/Diane Kruger who manages to pull pretty much EVERYTHING off! So my verdict is–on Emma, and ONLY on Emma–I would like it if the skirt were lined. Unlined, it looks too mummyesque down there.

    • Tiffany Nicole

      you’re better than me, Emma. I hate it in theory and in practice. Though i can appreciate the departure and the *daring* of the dress. Your average gown it ain’t!

    • Kennedy

      We are not worthy. Emma is a goddess amongst us mere mortals lol!

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