Best Dressed Of The Week – Sonam Kapoor In Salvatore Ferragamo

Sonam Kapoor won best dressed this week despite the many gorgeous gowns taking to the red carpet over the last seven days.

She looked breath-taking in a purple Salvatore Ferragamo Spring 2012 satin pants suit paired with a shimmering pink top and Ferragamo sandals.

This has to be my favourite ever red carpet look from her.

I hope we get to see more of her on the red carpet, as this is picture perfect.

Credit: Salvatore Ferragamo Facebook

Olivia Wilde In Gucci - 2012 Independent Spirit Awards

Olivia Wilde In Gucci – 2012 Independent Spirit Awards

Who Was Your Best Dressed At The 2012 Independent Spirit Awards?

Who Was Your Best Dressed At The 2012 Independent Spirit Awards?

  • Elle

    I love the colors on her, but this ensemble makes her look so bottom heavy in the hips,it’s unflattering.

  • Ni

    all credit goes to her stylist – tanya ghavri i believe…

  • Lauren

    Love this look! She’s absolutely gorgeous. But is it just me, or are her feet blue? :/

  • ash

    i’m glad sonam is taking fashion a little more seriously now than few years back. she has the knack to pull off lots of great looks w/o looking over-done. whats great is that she also has the personality to express herself through poise her:)

  • EmmaWoodhouse

    She is beautiful, and even though I don’t like the pants (I would have preferred a black skirt, I think) she does pull this look off well. I voted for Emma Stone 🙂

  • Rory

    FC I know Sunday is your day off and I know this is horrible but I’m so happy the Oscars are today so you have to keep showing us beautiful looks! Lol I cannot waitttt. And there is some Governor’s ball at the White House tonight so we have a Michelle Obama gown to look forward to as well 😉 Keep up the good work xoxo

    • Ahot

      I know right!
      *drinking white tea on my cosy sofa*
      I wish FC a happy Oscars & Co coverage, while we @ home are quite selfishly waiting for her take on the events of the night! lol.

      • Fashion Critic

        I’m so excited x

  • Alina

    Goosebumps over and over again!

  • DP

    Absolutely fantastic! She’s not the Indian Angelina Jolie (as you said a while back, FC) as she’s only been in a handful of movies and is not a major star, but she is BY FAR the best dressed Bollywood actress. Really glad you feature her so much! Not every fashion blog covers so many Asian stars.

    • Jazz

      i agree! shes more of a socialite than an actress, as it seems she only is out at events and not in actual films. but she definitely has a trendy style that i am mildly obsessed with, even if i cant stand her

  • nicole

    gorgeous! well deserved..

  • eleanor

    Kate Midelton should start taking notes.

  • Makeup guru

    Is this girl for real … She s looking breath taking , love her hair it’s so pretty but not overdone and flawless makeup… I would never have guessed that india had such good makeup and hair artists . Loved sonams look at the Burberry show in london alson, she looked ethereal .

    • DP

      What? India has plenty of great hair and make up artists such as Mickey Contractor. The problem is that a lot of the big Bollywood actresses have almost no taste in clothes/style, and they always go for a really dated look because they think it’s what the audience wants. Sonam is interesting because she actually has style. There is a lot of talent in Indian fashion/hair/make up- we just don’t get to see it because it’s not mainstream within the country.

  • sonia

    she looks wonderful indeed but these has more to do with the photographer than anything else. She is just part of a piece of good work not the protagonist

    • Nat39

      Ditto. This is only “picture perfect”, the photographer should be taking the credit.
      The pants are awfully ill-fitted.

  • docnirz

    she looks amazing…def should quit acting(terrible actress) and do something fashion related..

    • fashionmint

      ha ha ha so true !

  • kiwi

    Agree FC. As an Indian. I know Sonam but because you are the only major blog with such wide spread geographical coverage,, everyone gets to see fashionistas beyond their home countries 🙂 I did not know who Fan Bing Bing is till I started reading your blog and she is one of my fave RC stars in terms of style. Thanks again

  • A.

    She did look really stylish and sophisticated. without a doubt. no wonder fashion houses are going all gaga over her. Im glad she didn’t overaccessorize.

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