Andrea Riseborough In Marni For H&M – Marni For H&M Collection Launch Party

Andrea Riseborough was eager to show off the new collection at the Marni for H&M Collection launch party in LA on Friday evening.

The actress piled on a number of pieces from the collection, including a navy collared button-down blue shirt, white leather zip-up short sleeved jacket and polka-dot-printed pants.

It should be noted that the blue oxford shirt is actually part of the men’s collection; perhaps Andrea didn’t notice, as it seems she got dressed in the dark anyways.

The look was accessorized with an embellished bag, earrings and platform sandals.

Shirt £39.99 / Sandals £69.99 / Earrings £19.99

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  • Emi

    I only save the bag. But I must say that almost all the pieces of the collection are quite unflattering, which is not uncommon for Marni. I like the necklaces, the collar, the bracelets… but I think that only few women can pull off Marni, K. Bosworth is one of the them.

  • Dhppy

    I like the sporty look of the top half of her outfit. It just doesn’t flow with the bottom half, or the accessories.

  • Alina

    Words can’t describe how bad is this.

  • pipsqueak

    This is not really a fashion look, but there’s some quirkiness that I actually like. She has a distinct face, kind of like Mia Wasikowska, but with a smaller head and more balanced proportions overall. I’m curious to see her more on the red carpet.

    • Linda

      I feel the same way about the quirkiness. I enjoy seeing her on the red carpet and she does have a distinct personality that makes her interesting to watch. This really isn’t a great look, but I don’t hate it for those reasons.

  • EmmaWoodhouse

    I don’t even know where to start! It looks like she got attacked by a thrift store salesrack! :O

  • not really into this…

  • CTgirl

    This is just a big old mess.

    • Hermoine

      Well said

    • Parvati

      I agree…

  • Carolina Roq


  • Zineb

    I agree, she got dressed in the dark !!! By faaar, Drew is the best dressed of the event !

  • bm

    Somehow i feel that she just out for a gym, not a party.

  • Jones19

    Eww not a good day for fashion.

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