Shailene Woodley In Chanel – BAFTA Nominees Party

Shailene Woodley was in London on Saturday evening, where she attended the BAFTA Nominees Party.

The young actress opted for a classic Chanel mini print dress which she teamed with black tights and ankle boots.

It’s hard to find fault with Chanel, but I wish the dress maintained a bit of a looser fit, especially over such opaque stockings.

On the plus side she looks young, fresh and pout-free.

Shailene’s standard simple pony finishes the look.

Credit: Getty

9 thoughts on “Shailene Woodley In Chanel – BAFTA Nominees Party

  1. Hannah

    I still cannot stand her style. I love that she is fresh, she is absolutely beautiful, and that perfectly suits these kinds of events. However, she always dresses in such an unflattering way, which is shockign given how greta her body is. She dressed well during the her first few red carpet appearances, but it keeps getting worse.
    Also, if her hair is already up, why does she have a hairband around her wrist?


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