Shailene Woodley In L’Wren Scott – 2012 SAG Awards

Shailene Woodley continues to be one of my favourite young stars to watch on the red carpet.

The young actress chose a bold look for the 2012 SAG Awards by wearing a L’Wren Scott Spring 2012 gown.

The pale grey column gown with a white-and-red floral print stood out amongst a sea of grey/off-white dresses.

Shailene let the dress speak for itself by opting for no stand-out accessories, barely-there makeup and a ponytail.

Do you like this understated look or did she not put enough effort into it?

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  • She looks terrific. How can you say such negative things about a simple dress? What would you rather she wear, a MEAT SUIT?! (No offence, Lady G)

  • Parvati

    I love that she opted for something colourful. The dress looks great on her.

  • closet confidential

    The dress is gorgeous but didn’t reach its full potential.. what this needed was a solid skinny belt to breat up the pattern and a chic up do!
    she looks so.. messy and half- a***d

  • pipsqueak

    Love, love this look! So French-ly effortless yet so stunning on her model-like figure. Her cool looks on the red carpet are saying, “I’m so over teen shows and on my way to be a movie star!” Not a TV-turned-movie because viewers are looking for a closure after the finale, but original movies made for the big screen.

  • nadine

    So pretty, love that she did something out of the ordinary.

  • Ritika

    If I were 5’9, 20 yrs old, and had a body like that, this is not what I would pick.

  • TeaAtTwo

    I’m excited to see print during awards season, I think accessories would have overloaded this look. I wish Nicole Kidman would wear something like this, especially if she going to stick with L’wren.

  • Michelle

    I agree with the other 90s references. I can totally picture Courteney Cox in this back in her Monica Gellar days.

  • kim

    she’s 5’9″ so she can basically wear anything off the runway and this what they found for her? Her stylist is horrible and should be fired

    • becca


  • Alina

    I hate it.

  • I love the look, but it might have looked better for another ocassion!

  • Fiona

    Not the best look for her, I love a floral print but this just doesn’t seem to work with the shape and cut. A few cute accessories might have helped to “youth” it down a bit.

  • This ages her like a gazillion years, especielly because of the way it’s cut around her bust. I don’t like it at all. It reminds me of formal wear my mom would wear in 1997.

  • goldfish

    i don’t know.. the hair doesn’t work for me, and though i am all for the nineties – the silvery feel is too much, and it doesn’t quite work for me- might have been better if the dress was more greyish.
    and the dress is not that flattering. it should be a little tighter around the waist. And though she has a great figure, these kind of shapeless dresses work better on modeltype figures

  • Karen

    She really needs to get a new stylist. She has a KILLER body. If you have seen The Descendants, she is in a bathing suit for a good chunk of the film and her body is very healthy looking and toned. Her stylist has been dropping the ball lately. The only outfit of hers I have liked this awards season was her Golden Globes dress but it wasn’t even in my top 5 of the night. She should wear Zac Posen Pre-Fall 2012- there are some really gorg form fitting dresses.

  • Linda

    I love it. She’s my second favourite after Rose Byrne. The dress is fresh and speaks for itself in her usual understated style.

  • Iris

    I don’t understand her style and she continues to be underwhelming for me. As a young woman I wish she would add some ‘funk’ and bravado to her styling.

  • AW

    The print is horrendous. I saw it at a flea market in Honolulu 5 years ago. No.

  • Aline

    It was quite a shock to see her in this dress after seeing her looking gorgeous on that Valentino last night. I really dislike it. And on the video it looked even worse than in picture.

  • Marlie

    I’m really liking this look. Its young and fresh and something original!

    • rebecca o

      Agreed. I’m glad she dresses her age.

  • Nat39

    I really like it, she is pulling it off effortlessly looking natural and relaxed while still well put together.

  • Shaina

    I personally do not like this dress. It ages her incredibly and I think she is so much better than this. The styling is nice for such a dress but I cannot ignore how much I dislike this dress.

    • chryssa

      i totally agree!i never understood the fuss about l’wren scott…a good stylist perhaps but talentless as a designer imo…

  • Kelly

    I think this looks better in pictures than it did on screen; it looks much brighter, imo! I think this dress could’ve been so much more on someone that has more presence — the styling is just so-so.

  • Hannah

    I adore her as a person and an actress, but she has regressed since the first time we saw her on a red carpet. I am desperate for her to fire her stylist. This looks is so ridiculously dated, early noughties late nineties. I’s aging and terribly unflattering on her great body. The hair is awful, as per usual, I really don’t like the way it falls back, it’s very helmet-hair esque, her roots are bad, and it has an ashiness as if she’s just used dry shampoo. Also, she is gorgeous, but her makeup is unflattering, and in my opinion, not glamorous enough for an awards show.
    I was hoping she’d mirror Hailee Steinfeld and Jennifer Lawrence, but she really just hasn’t.

  • Martin

    I agree that this is a fresh and flattering look for Shailene but my problem is with the actual print. The red on the light blue is just too jarring and garish, making the gown just a tad gaudy for my taste. Love the stripped back hair and make-up though.

    • Jones19

      The print is too jarring for me too but I salute her for not making it worse with accessories.

  • Denise

    Loving the look. She let the dress speak for itself and it did.

    • J

      Agree. She looks amazing.

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