Michelle Williams In Jason Wu – 2012 Golden Globe Awards

Michelle Williams surprisingly didn’t opt for her favourite colours, nude and white, on the red carpet for the 2012 Golden Globe Awards.

Jason Wu’s custom midnight-blue devore velvet gown was minimally styled with a Fred Leighton for Forevermark diamond garland headband and Fred Leighton for Forevermark diamond stud earrings.

I love the relaxed, girlie vibe of this effortless look.

Many of you had very high expectations for Michelle.

Did she live up to them in your eyes?

A Judith Leiber clutch completed her look.

Credit: Getty

14 thoughts on “Michelle Williams In Jason Wu – 2012 Golden Globe Awards

  1. SandraTony

    I think Michelle looks sooo beautiful!
    I would totally wear the dress, she looks chic, cute and classy all at the same time

  2. Nat39

    This is very disappointing – very non-sexy matronly – the girlie headband is silly and doesn`t save this look from being frumpy. She goes from a non-sexy girlie straight to a non-sexy granny – frustration. I can`t believe she was accepting her award looking this dumpy, feels almost like an insult to her MM character.

  3. noo

    i loved this on michelle :D it was a classic silhouette that i have come to expect from her, and the color is new and exciting :D but the real thing that settled it for me was her smile, she was very sultry last year and that made her annoying, so i like that she is changing up that vibe style-wise and mood-wise.

  4. jen

    the headbands tuins it for me, makes it too casual. it doesnt work at all, & its so useless, she totally didnt need it.

  5. TeaAtTwo

    I hate the headband looks mumsy rather than cute. I glad it’s not black/white/nude but I’m not wowed. I would have much preferred it if the sleeves had been full length for more of a statement.

  6. Parvati

    Just when I had started to like her outfits and think that she would finally go for a bit sexier and more flattering looks, she goes back to this style, which I really don’t like. I don’t care if she wore a different colour here, because the whole style of the dress and that hairband don’t save it from being boring to me.

  7. stayce

    Nothing about this look works for me. It looks like a schmata (rag) on her, especially with the hairband. It makes her look a bit thick and old. The color is lovely, but the dress doesn’t photograph well at all.


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