13 thoughts on “Who Was Your Best Dressed At The 2012 People’s Choice Awards?

  1. Nat39

    Miley wins for me for striking a perfect balance between edgy/fashion-forward and event-appropriate, and the perfect shoe choice (Ginnifer loses because of it for me – her ankle booties don´t really work with the dress).

  2. Mol

    Ginnifer for me, I love every aspect of what she wore; I don’t like Miley’s hair or makeup but I do love her dress so she would be my second choice. I also liked Jennifer L’s dress but it really didn’t work, as Linda pointed out earlier, on TV and in motion….but for a red carpet photo she looks great. I am getting really revved up for awards season now – yay!

  3. bm

    It’s miley for me.

    P.S : FC, please share your toughts about faith hill on elie saab(???) while she perform at people choice awards.

  4. Valeria

    I can’t believe it but I clicked on Miley. I love the dress and the stunning departure from Tackyville enhaces it even more. She looks demure without Wong boring and fashion-forward without desperate edgy. Love it!

  5. Kyriaki-Cyprus

    I had to go for Ginnifer because I love that colour and the edgy sleeves and she looked great in it too!

  6. Anissa

    I wonder if Miley would still be in the lead if people saw the sheer side panel extends to the backside…


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