Christian Louboutin vs. Topshop

Whilst shopping in Brent Cross during the holidays I was shocked to see these Topshop Supreme Extreme platform heels.

The 6.5 inch heels are clearly inspired by the Christian Louboutin ‘Daffodile’ pumps which were the celebrity shoe of 2011, as they were much loved by Victoria Beckham, Lady Gaga and Fan Bingbing.

Now you can try your hand at navigating the streets in these scary looking pumps.

The Daffodile’s would set you back $1,095, but the Supreme Extreme platform pumps only cost $176 from Topshop US and £88 from Topshop International.

I look these pumps and immediately picture long queues at A&E for ankle related injuries.

Would you buy these heels?

18 thoughts on “Christian Louboutin vs. Topshop

  1. olivia

    I hated the Daffodils for a long time now, I guess now I can add one more shoe on the hate list. I honestly can’t fathom why people like these heels…

  2. Angela

    Oof, I never liked the Louboutins, too heavy. BUt those Topshops are absolutely hideous. Clunky, bad silhouette, just plain ugly.

  3. Jess2

    I was not a huge fan of the Daffodiles but there were some occasions where they were not too bad. I find the Topshop version to be much uglier, not sure why though but yeah I will never own a pair of either, too chunky and will only lead to injury

  4. bm

    of course not, god,like you said FC, both of them, especially the Topshop shoes are scary-looking.

    P.S. Nice to see some change at your blog FC. it’s beautiful.

  5. Erin

    The topshop version is so ugly, it doesn’t have a shape, I don’t know. I must admit I kind of like the Daffodils, but the Topshop ones are a big no-no.

  6. Lucinda

    These are horrible.
    And so very clearly a poor relation to the Daff, which was unpleasant to start with.
    The leather looks cheap, the stitchin clumpy and the vamp is unflatteringly high.
    No thanks.

    But a bit yes to the new blog layout, lovely.

  7. Bunnie Watson

    Any shoe with a heel this high is going to do damage to women’s bodies. Ask a podiatrist. Designers don’t care – they are in it for the “look.” Looks like something only prostitutes and porn stars wore, back in the day. Now fetish gear has been successfully mainstreamed. Ladies, say no to designers who like to torture you. If heels were such a good idea, men would be wearing them too.

  8. Yeliz

    No no no, no way! I hate the Louboutins but the Topshop version is much more uglier and I would never ever buy neither the Louboutins nor the Topshop version.

  9. Ben

    At least the Louboutins were designed properly and after a fashion of sorts. The Topshop knockoffs are just a hurried bodged copy with nothing to shout about.


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