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Promo Tour Star of 2011 – Rosie Huntington-Whiteley for ‘Transformers: Dark of the Moon’

Despite the many options I gave you, it was always clear that Rosie Huntington-Whiteley was going to win Promo Tour Star of 2011 for ‘Transformers: Dark of the Moon’.

She gave us an interesting variety of drop-dead gorgeous looks which saw her featured in the BDOTW poll nearly every week for the month of June.

Of the nine looks she showcased, my favourites were Gucci, Naeem Khan, Michael Kors (Rio) and of course Burberry.

The great thing about Rosie is that she has continued to wow us on the red carpet at other events, proving that the tour wasn’t just a fluke.

Runner up: Emma Stone for ‘The Help’

Best Ensemble Cast - The Twilight Cast

Best Ensemble Cast – The Twilight Cast

Statement Dresses 2011

Statement Dresses 2011

14 Responses to Promo Tour Star of 2011 – Rosie Huntington-Whiteley for ‘Transformers: Dark of the Moon’

  1. Jones19 December 24, 2011 at 12:21 #

    I voted for her, pitch perfect on every occasion.

  2. Shaina December 23, 2011 at 20:06 #

    I voted for her as well. Effortless sex appeal and beauty. I hope she makes more movies in the future. I’d love to see more of her style!

  3. EmmaWoodhouse December 23, 2011 at 19:40 #

    LOVED the Naeem Khan–it was totally on my list. She and Emma Stone both had great promo tours even if I didn’t love every single look. Salma and Paula must be green with envy haha 😀

  4. Nat39 December 23, 2011 at 18:34 #

    Fantastic looks from Rosie – all 3 could`ve easily qualified for BDOTY. The fact that she is model-gorgeous helps significantly.

  5. allieh December 23, 2011 at 17:08 #

    So deserved. Emma Stone was my second pick.

  6. Lucía December 23, 2011 at 14:39 #

    Perfection in every appearance. Well deserved award.

  7. abasss December 23, 2011 at 14:19 #

    Absolute perfection, every single time she was stunning. Rosie was my girl crush during this year.

  8. December 23, 2011 at 13:22 #

    She definitely deserves this award! I don’t know if I’ve ever seen anyone wear so many gorgeous gowns in such a short period of time!

  9. Hepmoda December 23, 2011 at 11:43 #

    My favourite one was the dark blue satine Burberry gown.

  10. Alina December 23, 2011 at 11:33 #

    I love her!

    Her red carpet looks have been outstanding all year long and her street style has been (IMO) the best this year.

  11. nimmi December 23, 2011 at 11:32 #

    well deserved win. I think Amber Heard did a good job too for the Rum Diary.

  12. Nat December 23, 2011 at 11:12 #

    Emma Stone is my girlcrush of 2011, but Rosie surely deserves the “Best promo tour” Award.
    Besides her beauty, she also has great taste and a certain grace, which prevents her to ever look cheap/trying too hard/tacky, even when she showcases a lot of skin

  13. Martin December 23, 2011 at 11:09 #

    Nine looks and each and every one of them were polished to perfection and flawless in almost every respect. Poor Salma had nine hundred looks during her promotional tour and couldn’t get it right even once. My vote went to Emma Stone (red carpet looks don’t come much better than her sublime pink and red Giambattista Valli ensemble), but Rosie is still a more than worthy winner.

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