Most Popular Shoe of 2011 – Christian Louboutin Daffodile Pumps

It is strange how we did not get the appeal of the Christian Louboutin ‘Daffodile’ pumps, yet celebrities adored them.

We often referred to them as stripper shoes, but these popular pumps have treaded red carpets around the world and the streets of London, New York and LA.

Stars such as Victoria Beckham, Fan Bingbing and Alicia Keys have used the stacked platform to add a few precious inches to their petite frames.

Even supermodel Heidi Klum opted for the sky-high heels which gave her 5ft 9in frame an extra 6.5 inches.

37 thoughts on “Most Popular Shoe of 2011 – Christian Louboutin Daffodile Pumps

  1. AW

    And the only ever looked less than ridiculous on Beyonce in that first pic and Heidi Klum in the last one. Everyone else looked like trotting horses imo.

    1. AW


      And the only *celebrities that* ever looked less than ridiculous…

      (My brain moves faster than I type)

  2. Claire

    I just don’t get the appeal of these shoes. When you see them in real life they look almost cartoon-like, I would have thought all the gorgeous women who have worn them would have had better taste!

    1. Hannah

      They are glorified stripper heels, let’s not kid ourselves. I can’t decide if they’re worst when slaying an exquisite gown or when they are worn ‘casually’ á (accent should be the other way around) la Emma Roberts.

  3. LizLemooooon

    While I understand their popularity, since they give great height and there are so many short people in the entertainment industry (generalising obviously!) I think these shoes are tired and played out like the YSL Trib Toos and I think they only suit women with an hourglass shape coz on anyone top or bottom heavy or very slender they look like horse hooves.

  4. MEME

    I didn’t get them at first, until I saw them in person, they look like a real life caricature of an extremely high pump…. and much slender than how they photograph… I I used to think that the YSL Tribtoo’s were the highest heel I’d ever seen until these…. know you hate them FC… but I fell in love wit’ this shoe… forgive me… lol….

    1. Linda

      Hmmm…interesting. I always love hearing another perspective from someone who’s seen a piece in real life. I am one of those people who really dislike them, but I can see how maybe they look more slender and chic in real life as opposed to pictures.

  5. Maz

    They are one ugly shoe! Especially when we look at the post on the interesting shoes Leighton has been wearing throughout the year. If you can wear sky high heels without any trouble there is SO MUCH choice…no excuse for these being worn to death…and don’t get me started on Brian Atwood…

  6. phuong

    These shoes look totally ridiculous in person…I don’t understand why some women pay over $1000 for ugly shoes. I am a big fan of CL shoes, but I must say CL came out with some ugly looking shoes this past season…..

  7. Nat

    Horrible shoes, that look even more hideous on petite women, as they make their feet looks bigger than the rest of their bodies.

  8. Vee

    they look fine irl…the thing that many women in hollywood are really thin and have very little thigh…you cannot be a size zero and look good in these shoes…i think you need more leg…like emma whatever her face is,,,julia robert’s niece looks absolutely ridic in them…but kimk didn’t

  9. Alexandra

    literally the first thing that came to my mind when i first saw them was that mr Louboutin is running out of ideas. like “we have peep-toes, basic pumps, ballet flats, knee-high shoes, from all the shoe cliches we didn’t do only the basic pump with ridiculously high platform”


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