Fan Bingbing In Tadashi Shoji – ‘My Way’ Tokyo Press Conference

Fan Bingbing attended the Tokyo press conference for ‘My Way’ on Monday at The Peninsula in Japan.

As much as I love Fan, the ‘Here comes the bride’ chorus started playing in my head the second I saw her in this Tadashi Shoji Spring 2012 gown.

I love her when she does the princess thing, but it doesn’t work for me on this occasion, sadly.

The v-neck floral dress itself is beautiful, it has to be said, but the fit is better on the model.

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17 thoughts on “Fan Bingbing In Tadashi Shoji – ‘My Way’ Tokyo Press Conference

  1. firien

    Totally agree. I saw “Fan Bingbing”, I saw the dress on the model, then I saw the picture and it just didn’t live up to my expectations.

  2. Martin

    The proportions are way off in this dress. Too much fabric in the sleeve and too much weight in the skirt give it a decidedly curtain-like feel. Compared to the lightness conveyed by the runway version, this looks very heavy and bulky.

        1. gurlygurl

          Agreed… looks like when someones’ mother gives them their old wedding dress to try on and EVERYTHING is wrong with it.

  3. Nat

    Bad wedding dress/expensive and very elaborate night robe/very odd proportions = not a good day for Fan, fashionwise.

    Good thing is I’m sure she will instantly redeem herself on her next red carpet showing.

  4. Carolina

    This and the other look posted today are what I mean by Fan looking out of sorts/phoning it in. Where is the life in her look? It’s not just the styling, it’s her.

  5. Nat39

    I hope it`s a bracelet on her wrist, not a watch. Horrible fit as it`s been said, lifeless and dowdy. What time is it, Fan…wake up!

  6. Jess2

    She has been doing well so this is a disappointment, The dress is so gorgeous on the model but on Fan, the dress is too big, looks much heavier and like a badly made bridal gown. I also think that this isn’t the best choice for a press conference.


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