Charlize Theron smoothed out her wavy locks for a sleek, straight hairdo on the red carpet for the LA premiere for ‘Young Adult’.

The blonde beauty wore a Stella McCartney Spring 2012 dress.

Now, many of you have struggled to like a single Stella McCartney Spring 2012 look on the red carpet, so how does Charlize ‘I can do no wrong on the red carpet’ Theron fair in this navy-and-white asymmetrical dress with mesh panels and embroidered details.

I think that if even Charlize can’t pull this off then there is no hope for anyone else.

Apart from the fact that the dress appears to be a tad too tight, this would’ve worked better for me if it was just one colour. This colour combo is jarring, to say the least, and incredibly unflattering around the bust.

The good news is she didn’t let us down in the footwear department as she donned a pair of sexy bondage-style Manolo Blahniks.

Charlize has plenty of time to redeem herself, as it was announced yesterday that she’s been nominated for the Best Actress Golden Globe for her role in ‘Young Adult’.

Credit: & Getty