Who Wore Marchesa Better? Olivia Wilde or Jennifer Hudson

Back in January when Olivia Wilde was wowing us on the red carpet, she wore this chocolate Marchesa tulle gown which was decorated with gold sequins to the 2011 Golden Globe Awards.

Jennifer Hudson wore the same gown whilst taping the ‘Disney Parks Christmas Day Parade’ TV special at the Disneyland Resort in California on Friday.

With no visible accessories on either of these lovely ladies – a smart choice based on the sheer magnitude of the dress – we can only judge based on hair and makeup.

Olivia wore her brunette locks sleek and straight, with blunt bangs and smoky eye makeup. Jennifer chose to play up the princess look, with major curls and bright pink lips.

With a gown this gorgeous on two stunning ladies, it’s almost impossible to choose between them, but Olivia has the edge for us due to her inspired footwear choice.

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  • Aly S.

    I Think They Both Look Really Really Good, But I Think Jennifer Hudson Looks Better In A Way.

    • Aly S.

      I Do Like Olivia’s Shoes 🙂

  • Carmen

    Hands down, Olivia. I love her natural looking make-up compared to Jennifer’s. Jennifer looks like a pageant queen and I didn’t like the pink lips with the already bold dress.

  • It’s hard to choose between the two of them… I prefer the princess feeling on Jennifer but I also like the gradient better on Olivia… I guess it’s the same but it’s more visible on Olivia…

    • Aly S.

      I Do Too Like The Princess Feel From Jennifer In This Dress- That’s Pretty Much Why I Think She Looks Better: 🙂

  • Cristina

    Wow. Its such a MAJOR dress, I’m surprised it saw two red carpet outings. There are so many gorgeous gowns out there, I feel Jennifer Hudson could’ve found something else, something more unique to wear.

  • Ange

    Jennifer Hudson wins for me. It is a truly beautiful dress and not only do I think Jennifer looks better in it but it also suits the occasion and the whole Princess of Disney thing too! Olivia looks good too though and I like her shoes. I also LOVE Jennifer’s hair, the long curls really complement the dress.

  • EmmaWoodhouse

    Olivia all the way! Jennifer’s hair is better but I prefer O’s makeup and the shoes are AMAZING!!! The dress is so gorgeous on both of them. 🙂

  • Xorco

    Both look great. Perfect fit and a different take on each one.. But i will go with Olivia, just only because of the shoes.

  • DivaMom

    J. Hud looks better on account of her big bouncy hair cascading near her lovely bosum… Olivia’s straggly hair is a bit of a turn off. Plus her boobage looks flattened in comparison to Jen.

  • Valeria

    plus HATE THE SHOES that Olivia wears

  • Valeria

    Olivia doesn’t have princess quality in her personality to pull this off, and I really dislike her flat hair. Jennifer looks princessy – but in a very good way

    • JMW

      Funny, she used to actually be a princess. But she divorced her husband who was a Italian prince. But I do agree about Olivia’s hair – it looks like it has split ends.

  • Rita

    Olivia. my first thought (like many others) was that Jennifer looks like a princess and personally that’s not something I want my first thought to be. Olivia looks edgier and I love her hair and the shoes are just stunning.

  • I preferred Oliva. She looked more modern in it. Jennifer almost looks like she is in character as a fairy princess (albeit a beautiful one)!

  • Jen

    I went with Olivia because Jennifer’s bright pink lipstick competes/clashes too much with the dress. Olivia’s shoes weren’t visible unless she lifted the hem to show them off so they weren’t as much of a distraction.

  • Ade

    Jennifer looks like a Disney princess. Olivia’s bangs just ruin everything. The OTT shoes are absolutely unnecessary as the dress covers them up and no one would see it unless she makes an effort to show them off.

  • Jones19

    Oliva was my favorite at the Golden Globes and she still is.

  • Felicia

    Jennifer, hands down

  • Jess2

    Such a beautiful dress. I really like Olivia’s shoes they are so funky and cool but I don’t think they belong with the dress at all and the detail on the shoes coupled with the dress is too much. Her hair while simple (which is good) had no life to it, was just kind of bleh. Jen for me

  • Raquel

    I love love love Olivia’s shoes!

  • Mick

    I actually hated Olivia’s footwear, it really does not match the dress, plus her hair is flat and boring. So Jennifer wins for me. I must say, tho, that in general princess-ey dresses are not really my thing.

  • robbie

    jennifer, she literally looks like a princess in that dress. olivia had boring hair and OTT shoes, there really is no need to go for statement shoes when you are in a dress like that.

  • Grace

    Jennifer looks divine!
    Olivia’s hair is flat and too everyday for this beautiful gown.

  • bec

    I personally think that this dress deserved an updo.

    • dee

      I agree.

  • Emi

    Olivia, I would have said that on Jennifer is a bit OTT, but since she’s with Mickey Mouse, I understand that the event was appropriate for being OTT.

    • Linda

      Yeah, I guess you’re right. I chose Olivia too bc Jennifer is too princess-y, but considering the event, I guess that was the point.

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