Lara Bingle In Louis Vuitton – Louis Vuitton Maison Australia After Party

Following the ribbon cutting opening of the Louis Vuitton boutique in Sydney, Australia by Cate Blanchett came the after-party, which was attended by the country’s finest starlets.

No red carpet event passes by down under without Lara Bingle in attendance.

She donned a look from the LV Fall 2011 collection.

I don’t feel she quite has the personality to pull this off.

Whilst she made the right choice to tuck in her top to make the look feel less ‘back to school’, this leaves the skirt more room to overwhelm her.

The only thing that is going in her favour is her Alexander Wang Anais metallic silver loafer pumps.

One day, I hope to see Lara sport a beauty regime that doesn’t consist of barely there makeup and a bun.

Live a little girl.

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19 thoughts on “Lara Bingle In Louis Vuitton – Louis Vuitton Maison Australia After Party

  1. AW

    Is this a dress or skirt and top? I’d love to see the red portion streamlined with a different top.

    About the “barely there” makeup, is this bad lighting or is her skin orange?

    Overall its a very unattractive look.

        1. gurlygurl

          LOL.. I love it!! I don’t know what it is with Aussie celebs and that horrible color. I wish she’d do something with her make up, she’s has incredible eyes that she should play up. This outfit is bad. I sometimes feel she tries to play down her uber sexy bikini model image by dressing this way. This unfortunately looks like dress up clothes.

  2. Jess2

    I liked this on the runway but it just feels boring on her. I don’t like her style very much at all and her hair and makeup is awful as always.

  3. Hannah

    It’s a truthfully hideous look. She needs to find a stylist or fire ehr old one, and she’s a beautiful girl, but, seriously, FIRE THE MAKEUP ARTIST, STAT.
    The tan doesn’t help either.

  4. Jones19

    The too tan skin clashes with the innocent, elegant nature of this outfit. The skirt overwhelms her too. I’d love to see Zooey Deschanel in this.

    1. laura D

      Agree entirely. The shirt is left out on the runway. With it tucked in, the proportions are off and the skirt is overwhelming. And the tan just doesn’t suit this look.

  5. pipsqueak

    I just googled her. She could’ve looked so much better, but here she looked frumpy and old and overtanned. Her unique face reminds me of Michelle Phillips from the 60s popular band, The Mamas & the Papas. She could be beautiful, but she’s only pretty and sexy in a typical WAG way – unfortunate.

  6. bianca

    i’m liking the colour combination and the fact that the top is higher on the body than it is on the runway, it doesn’t feel so girly girl anymore.not that i consider it a bad thing., not sure about the shoes though, they look like tween lizards:))


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