Kate Winslet In Stella McCartney – ‘Carnage’ Paris Premiere

Kate Winslet gave us a strong case of déjà vu whilst walking the red carpet at the ‘Carnage’ premiere in Paris on Sunday evening.

The British actress wore almost exactly the same Stella McCartney dress that she wore to the ‘Mildred Pierce’ Venice Film Festival premiere early September.

The shape is exactly the same, but this red-and-black-panel Octavia stretch dress doesn’t have the third coloured boob panel that many of you strongly disliked.

Kate opted for a bouffant updo and black sparkling ankle-strap heels.

I really liked the last look, but I love this one.

The colour is more vibrant and this dress works better as a bi-colour dress.

Which do you prefer?

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  • i’m sorry, but if she looks this good in a photograph, i can only imagine how spectacular she looked in real life. this dress hugs her curves in all the right places without sacrificing one bit of refinement.

  • Gaber

    Considering the McCartney’s we’ve been lately seeing, this is a sight for sore eyes.

  • Tahj

    I really don’t like this design on her and wish she would not wear it. I think she has a beautiful, curvy body, but this dress isn’t flattering for her. Especially the way it fits at the shoulders and entire top part.

    Now Liv Tyler looked AMAZING with this design in blue. It gave her more curves and was so flattering on her figure. Don’t you agree, fashion critic?

    • Fashion Critic


  • gurlygurl

    It’s nice but the concern for me is wearing the exact same dress in a diffrent color. Sure it shows off her beautiful curves but surely she could have found a different kind of pencil dress! Having said that I prefer the red. Her body looks incredible.

  • molly

    This women was made to wear red. I really love this, much better than the other version.
    I dont like her makeup at all. It looks like she has fallen into the trap of white powder. These starlets (or their makeup artists) need to be told that translucent powder isnt translucent under flash bulbs.

    • gurlygurl

      Agreed the make up is too light and powdery. A good make up artists should know what works under lights! Makes you wonder.

  • Foxy mama!

  • CTgirl

    The dress is OK, nothing special. What worries me is the frozen look of Kate’s face. Waxy and weird.

  • Why wear the same dress twice (??) when there are so much options out there? boring!!

  • Foteini P.

    This look is way better! The color of the dress, the hair, the shoes!!!!Everything! 🙂

  • Slash

    I prefer Liv Tyler’s electric blue version. Dear Kate, enough with the same look already. Tight, bit under knees, and the hair -.-

    • TeaAtTwo

      +1 on the repetition, it wasn’t particularly interesting in the first place.

      • manja


  • Moxie

    I like this look, but hate the hair.

  • Emmeline

    I feel like my reaction to her looks is always the same – meh.

  • much better with red one….!!!

  • Jenna

    I actually liked the white version better. Both look great on her, but this time it’s boring.
    Also, didn’t Liv Tyler wore this dress in blue at one point?

  • Shaina

    I love this one, much better than the last one.

  • Jacqu

    It’s a nice dress, but it doesn’t need to be worn twice.

    • Leti


  • Parvati

    Although I really disliked the way that “third coloured boob panel” looked on her Venice Film Festival look, I prefer it to this one. I don’t like the colour combination as it is presented on this dress, plus I also dislike her haistyle and the shoes.

  • Linda

    I’m not too fond of this tightly fitted clothing on her. I’d like to see something less clingy.

  • Jen

    Much better than her last dress. Her breasts looked gigantic last time — in a bad way. She looked completely disproportional. And I love Kate, so it was a shame! She looks quite nice here.

  • I think despite the curves she looks a bit manly here.
    Thank God that boob panel has been removed. That looked ghastly.

  • dee

    I like this dress better but not too sure about the hairdo.

  • Nat39

    Neither. She should stay away from Stella Mc`s “athletic wear”. Kate is so beautifully womanly, she should demonstrate her femininity instead of just curves in a very tight “sporty” way. Her makeup washes her out as usual.

    • Emi

      I think you’re quite right. But I prefer this one, anyway, because the fit of the other was embarrassing.

    • Emi

      I also would say she has too much make up, on. Her skin looks waxy.

  • Rebecca Z

    I like this dress much better, but I am ready for her to change her hair style.

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