Jennifer Lopez In Giambattista Valli – 2011 American Music Awards

Jennifer Lopez also performed at the 2011 American Music Award in California last night.

You can always count on Jennifer to bring drama to any event so I wasn’t surprised to see her take to the stage wearing a dramatic look from the Giambattista Valli Fall 2011 Couture collection.

Her strapless leopard ombre gown was teamed with a matching cape, but she opted not to wear the gold leaf belt.

J-Lo would’ve gotten a nod from Sarah Jessica Parker for showcasing the full potential of this gown before she whipped it off and revealed a sparkling nude body suit.

Very Britney Spears at the 2000 MTV Music Video Awards, don’t you think?

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35 thoughts on “Jennifer Lopez In Giambattista Valli – 2011 American Music Awards

    1. Nat

      Totally agree.
      How on earth can you wear such a gown just to take it off and reveal A NUDE BODYSUIT with sparkles?

      Also, this number could have worked for a 20 years old Britney Spears, but for JLo? Meh.

      1. Emi

        I agree… when I saw her in G. Valli I thought “Wow, what a change” and then I saw that terrible bodysuit, which was tacky on B. Spears… When I talk with some of my friends we always say that we hope not to become 40 years old women who try to hard to look 20, because it’s ridiculous, even for a performer. I think that only Cher could do everything, because he’s Cher!

    2. gurlygurl

      LOL… true… I really don’t like the bodysuit..YIKES. I do love the dress and cape though. So dramatic and elegant.

  1. Felicia

    The gown is gorgeous!!! But as amazing as her body is, it’s time she let’s go of the body suits. It’s freaking ridiculous!!

  2. Jess

    I need to see a video of this… the hell did she ‘whip’ off a couture dress whilst on stage in the middle of a performance? It’s not as if its going to have velcro seams?!

  3. Linda

    A perfect example of how dated Jennifer Lopez is. Very Britney Spears in her heyday, as FC pointed out. I lost interest in JLo about ten years ago because she was once somewhat fresh and interesting, but this is a perfect example of how desperate she comes across to live in the past. She’s like one of those women who had the best time of their life in the 80′s and so they still dress that way even 30 years later and it just doesn’t fit the times.

  4. Carol

    I’ve been over JLo for quite a while now. Turned off the TV when I saw her in yet another leopard dress, so I’m very glad I didn’t have to see the body suit in action. She needs to accept that we don’t need her front and center all the time. It’s OK for her to mature now, both as an artist and as a person.

  5. Elle Enchanted

    JLo needs to start acting her age, leave this nude bodysuit look to the Selena’s and Miley Cyrus’s of the world (she’s old enough to be their mother) She overdoes it with the in-yer-face sexiness.

  6. Jones19

    No no no that bodysuit is hideous. She got a pass on the spiderweb suit in her On The Floor video because it wasn’t so nude but this is ugh…gross. Love the Valli dress on her though.

  7. Giada

    It reminds me of the atrocious thing she wore 2 years ago…

    Still, Jennifer Lopez has an iconic red carpet style; I do not always like it but she knows how to bring va va voom to the red carpet.

    I agree with Linda though, she’s stuck in her style; it’s all very nineties.

    I think she needs a stylist who can show her how to look glamorous without looking tacky and dated. Someone who can give her a modern and edgy look without looking like a charicature.

  8. Molly

    As desperate as the bodysuit looks in the picture above, I do not think you can give its awfulness its full due unless you have seen the video footage.

  9. Jessica

    the dress is gorgeous! but she really lost points with me when she endorsed the fiat (car) on stage with her! Like c’mon!! There is product placement and then there’s this…

  10. TeaAtTwo

    If you’re going to tear the dress off then don’t bother wearing couture. Show it the respect it deserves.

  11. Kyriaki-Cyprus

    The first look I had of this look was a quick one from my mobile phone and I didn’t realise she took the gown to reveal the bodysuit. I’m so disappointed right now…

  12. Mary

    She is just amazing… she is JLo… she makes shows. not like dumb T.S. or B.S …. look at her in Zuhair Murad!… stage needs shows…. Red carpet is a different thing… I do not want to see singers on the stage in the same way as they are in red carpet.

  13. laura D

    She has a fantastic body, but it’s not the right body for a bodysuit and nothing else. She just looks silly… too bad since she dresses up so beautifully


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