Florence Welch In Jason Wu – Debit MasterCard Priceless Music Show

Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine performed live on stage as part of the Debit MasterCard Priceless Music Show at the Seymour Centre earlier today in Sydney, Australia.

The British singer makes my dreams come true by wearing this breath-taking Jason Wu Fall 2011 gown.

It was worth the wait because she looks stunning in this gold lace paillette embroidered gown which she wore with the same gold bow accented belt.

With her flame red hair styled in retro waves, the singer opted for dramatic makeup, gold rings on every finger and a pink lip colour.

I know some designers hate to see looks worn twice by a celebrity, but I would still love to see this on the red carpet.

Credit: Style.com & Getty

15 thoughts on “Florence Welch In Jason Wu – Debit MasterCard Priceless Music Show

  1. AW

    I know it’s not her fault but the is a really bad picture.

    Also I hate the center part.

    The dress is gorgeous on the model but it loses something in this picture.

    Maybe I just need to see a different picture.

  2. Ginger

    I would also love to see it on the red carpet! I’m almost sorry to see it on Florence, although she’s perfect for this dress, since awards season is not too far…

  3. maria

    yes, this dress needs to shine on a carpet. Hopefully it will as this was just presented at a music show in Australia, so not a lot of people will have seen it.

  4. Thirteen

    I think she looks heavenly, but also agree that it’s kind of an awkward picture and that I’d like to see it on someone who could really work it on a red carpet!

  5. Olivia

    She also performed on Australian X-Factor last night (Semi Final Night) wearing another gorgeous gold dress. I’d kill to know who that was designed by. She had the same hair and make up though, and the central part does her no favours.

  6. Shaina

    Love her in this dress. Florence wears gowns like it’s nobody’s business. I don’t like the hair though, I almost wish she would have styled it differently but I know it’s her “thing.”


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