Ashley Greene In Donna Karan – ‘The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1′ LA Premiere

It seems like this moment has been building up forever, but the cast of Twilight were finally all together on the red carpet for the LA premiere of ‘The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1′ last night.

As the gorgeous face of Donna Karan, Ashley Greene was always going to take to the red carpet in a look by the designer.

This was true as she glided down the red carpet wearing a custom gown.

Her fiery red lace strapless gown with spiralling chiffon strips was the perfect look for the actress.

This is the second time I have adored her on the red carpet, and as if by coincidence it’s the second time she’s worn a custom Donna Karan dress.

This pairing looks to be a match made in fashion heaven.

A glossy rich lip and nail colour complemented her gown whilst wavy curls tumbled down her shoulders.

Hopefully there are many more custom Donna Karan looks to come from Ashley.

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33 thoughts on “Ashley Greene In Donna Karan – ‘The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1′ LA Premiere

  1. Jacqu

    She looks beautiful. From what I’ve seen of KStew in other sites, she definitely outshone the star of the movie.

  2. T from Sydney

    i want to like it but the dress makes her look so wide in the chest and hips. but the dress looks AMAZING from the back

    1. Lulla

      That’s a good thing in my opinion, because usually she looks too thick in the waist.

      She was the best dressed of the night for me.

  3. Martin

    This look falls flat for me. I can definitely see what she was going for, but those chiffon ruffles are just too limp and insipid for me. Added to that, the red lace doesn’t look particuarly interesting or intense either. Hair and make-up is flawless, but the rest is forgettable.

  4. rebecca

    Am I the only one that doesn’t like this dress? It seems like she took a curtain and put it together… but that’s my opinion. Anyway, not a fan of this look. The lips are too harsh with it too.

    1. justme

      I don’t like this dress. You’d have to have a Dita Von Teese like small waist to pull this dress off. It’s not Ashley’s case.

  5. Jess2

    She looks so so beautiful in the close up but I am not wowed by the dress as a whole. I think there is too much of the chiffon strips. But despite that I think the colour is great and she does look very lovely

  6. CreoleLady

    Wow. That back view picture looks like a magazine editorial. Her hair is just gorgeous, glossy, lush. That color red on her is simply knockout fabulous.

  7. Emi

    The dress is beautiful, there’s no doubt. From the back is very beautiful and sexy, but I don’t like the front because of the position of the strips, which make the fit a bit unflattering.

  8. Emmeline

    She looks gorgeous. That shot of her from behind is fabulous. And her hair and makeup look great.

    The dress itself is perfectly fine. Not sure how I feel about the strips, but at least they seem to be giving an illusion of shape that she normally lacks. Donna Karan is a good fit for her.

  9. Lee

    I think she is too chunky and rectangle shaped for this dainty flowy dress. Looks like a prom dress ON HER. This not Hollywood or Redcarpet. Put an Asian starlet in it……..

  10. noo

    even though this gown is not doing her waist any favors, she looks incredible and i love her make up and the back of the dress :D

  11. Ro

    She looks amazing in this color and I feel like in theory the dress should work, but I agree with others above – it does make her look wider than she is.

  12. Hannah

    I;m so disappointed, because for once I lvoe what she was goign for, even if it is beyond her years slgihtly, she for once has personality, and I iadore her hair and makeup (even if it is a centre part), but I canot fall for the dress. The strips of chiffon are just too sort of stripey adn random for me or something, but I simply do not love it, at all.

  13. melody_9

    why dont you stop beeing so mean, every time you have something to comment about , she is so sweet , and looks so radiant

  14. Elle

    The whole idea fell flat for me. Gosh, she has one of the most striking faces out there, but her body shape looks like a big crepe-roll stuffed in this dress.


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