Kristin Davis In Vintage Azzaro – 2011 Hollywood Style Awards

Kristin Davis was one of the many stars to attend the 2011 Hollywood Style Awards which were held at the Smashbox in LA last night.

The actress donned a vintage Loris Azzaro red gown from Decades.

Her dress is quite simple until you get to the web-like yoke which has beaded details.

Diamond-encrusted hooped earrings, natural wavy locks and glossy lips completed her look.

Credit: Getty

11 thoughts on “Kristin Davis In Vintage Azzaro – 2011 Hollywood Style Awards

  1. Kiran

    I guess Decades don’t make hair products? Don’t get me wrong I love Kristen, I just wish she loved John Frieda’s Frizz-Ease Hair Serum as much as she loves Vintage.

  2. Hannah

    I neither like or dislike the dress, it isn’t as beautifully chic as her other decades chocies have been, something about it looks a little too worn, almost. Also, her hai is a debacle. Frizzy, messy, huge, she easily could have pulled it back.


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