Best Dressed Of The Week – Zoe Saldana In Elie Saab & Freida Pinto In Antonio Berardi

Zoe Saldana’s Elie Saab Spring 2012 green goddess gown on the red carpet at the 2011 Latin Grammy Awards was your favourite look of the week.

I was very surprised at the margin considering what amazing competition Zoe had this week. I think this was one of the hardest polls so far this year.

Freida Pinto was my favourite this week.

The actress wore an Antonio Berardi Spring 2012 gown to the premiere of her latest movie, ‘Immortals’.

Her warrior princess look was perfectly themed without being too costumey or cheesy.

Considering how petite she is, Freida pulled of this look magnificently.

Credit: Getty

25 thoughts on “Best Dressed Of The Week – Zoe Saldana In Elie Saab & Freida Pinto In Antonio Berardi

      1. Maria Claudia

        Zoe reminded me of Angelina Jolie.. and she’s my diva.. it’s hard to believe anyone can do better than her in that kind of green dress.. but I have to agree that Zoe is really working that dress.. and she knows she looks fabulous..

  1. Shaina

    I agree that this was one of the hardest polls of the year. My vote went to Lady Gaga in McQueen but I was also stuck on Freida!

  2. asherlev1

    I was really suprised at the margin too, and Zoe’s one of my favorites! I think the green just really popped amongst the poll pictures. XP

  3. Carla

    When I saw the green Elie Saab dress on the runway, I was blown away!! And Zoe wears it to perfection!!!! I also loved Frieda and JLo, but this Elie Saab number is just AMAZING!!

  4. shaphalf

    I was shocked by how poorly Freida did on the poll. She looked fantastic. She and Jennifer Nettles were my favorites.

  5. Nat39

    Voted for Zoe.
    No matter how many times I looked at Freida, still not sold on this gown on her – she is just so ordinary womanly, this edgy interesting gown on her doesn`t make any impact whatsoever. Would imagine it on someone like Angelina.

  6. Lee

    It was hard this week. I wanted to go for Camile Bell and Zoe S, but a gut feeling said Freida Pinto. I am glad I picked the same as the critic.

  7. Hannah

    F, did you hear? Zoe broke up with her Fiance, probably hence the lack of sparkle recently. God, if I were him I’d be kicking myself. No better comeback that an Elie Saab.
    Also I ADORE the J. Crew sequin stripe jumper from your wish list!


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