Carrie Underwood’s 8 Wardrobe Changes At The 2011 CMA Awards

Carrie Underwood was the host of the 2011 CMA Awards.

She arrived in Reem Acra, but she went onto have 8 costume changes whilst hosting the show.

One of my favourite looks was this Zuhair Murad Resort 2012 gown.

The heavenly floral-print gown with a rise-and-fall hemline also features a beaded detail at the waist.

Her ultra-feminine look was teamed with a cutesy pink hair accessory which I didn’t favour.

I had every faith that Carrie would wear something by her favourite designer Georges Chakra.

Her Fall 2011 coral Couture cocktail lace dress has a dramatic tulle detail on one side which is a tad droopy compared to how it was presented on the runway.

This looks to be a result of removing the feather accents.

Next up was a glam-rocker Mandalay mini. Her black ‘Rock & Roll’ bustier embellished dress was dripping with gold chains. She accessorized with tasselled earrings and Jimmy Choo Kyrle boots.

The beautiful blonde host donned a hat whilst wearing a Nikki Rich by WTB black cropped tuxedo jacket with coordinated box-pleat shorts. The uncharacteristic look was teamed with strappy platform sandals.

Carrie donned a Jean Fares Couture Fall 2011 green-print satin gown whilst presenting. The plunging gown with embellished cuffs and a waistband also had open, cut-out sleeves.

Carrie looked terrified of Miss Piggy whilst doing a skit wearing a pink embellished mini dress with a sculptural detail on the hip.

She donned a second white sculptural piece before ending with a brown sequined dress with gold Jimmy Choo sandals.

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38 thoughts on “Carrie Underwood’s 8 Wardrobe Changes At The 2011 CMA Awards

  1. robbie

    some really beautiful dresses but honestly dont like any of them on carrie.

    miss piggy on the other hand, she looks DIVINE!

  2. maria

    the only one i really love is the Zuhair. Then it just goes from bad to worse.
    The beautiful Chakra looks about 1 size to big on her and destroys the look. bummer.
    I think she should rethink quality over quantity for her next presenter gig.

  3. Vibes

    The Georges Chakra dress looked fabulous on the runway and like a sack on Carrie. It seems too loose and way too long.

  4. andrea

    I love the last brown dress, who makes it? She kind of looks like Kristen Cavallari in that photo. I wish she hadn’t recycled the shoes.

    1. laura D

      I like that dress the best as well. The total look is not amazing, but the dress, and the way it fits her, is.

      1. Katharine

        Definitely the most flattering, especially because the permatan looks toned down (probably a trick of the lighting).

        Agree with Maria that quality of costume changes should be a consideration over quantity.

        Miss Piggy looks fabulous – maybe Carrie was feeling overshadowed. Comparisons are odious.

  5. AW

    I love the variety in Carrie’s looks. It’s not so one note. My fav has to be the pink mini, it’s young and fresh on her.

    Her hair looks so well done and healthy. Other women need to take notice (Pickler & LeAnn Rimes).

  6. argentina

    Love most of the dresses but hate them on Carrie. The two things i liked were, her updo on the third look and how the last dress fitted her. The rest is forgettable to me

  7. Estella

    Selena Gomez, take notes. This is how a host of a show watched by millions around the world should look. Besides for that orange GC outfit, all her looks were spot on glam.

  8. Paddy M

    What I like most about these looks is her shoe choices. You can’t see all of her footwear in the photos, but from what I can see, they’re very good.

  9. zoe

    carrie looked ridiculous in most of her looks. i like the black rocker dress with the tassel earrings and her last 3 looks though. that’s pretty much it.

  10. kat

    the couture (Murad and Chakra) was too overwhelming on her plus the fake tan doesn’t complement such beautiful dresses.

  11. molly

    This girl looks for any chance to wear a dress that barely covers her hoo-ha, doesnt she? I like some of the dresses, but I hate them on the prom queen. I loved the Mandalay dress, but I cant stand how she had clear straps with it.

    1. Parvati

      They are the ones that caught my attention too! They look like Jimmy Choo to me… but I can’t be sure. If anyone can confirm this…

  12. cat

    This girlshas the worst taste in dresses ever. Everything is either shiny or too short or “princessy” or just plain tacky. She never gets it right. It is a shame, because she is talented and pretty attractive. Sigh.

  13. Parvati

    The Zuhair Murad look is very cute (and I love these pink heels!), but I’m not a fan of the hair accessory.
    I also really like the pink mini dress she is wearing in the photo next to Miss Piggy.
    Finally, I like the brown sequined dress, as well. The rest of the looks didn’t wow me, while the Nikki Rich by WTB look was my least favourite. Basically, it’s so different from her usual style that it ends up looking really strange on her.

  14. Carmen SanDiego

    Once again, attack of the boring girl. Sure, great singer. Pretty, sweet, girl. I have ZERO sense of her personality, and it shows up in her fashion. She rarely carries a look, no pun intended.

  15. Nadine

    Did nobody else laugh out loud at the Jean Fares Couture? I kept tuning back in to the show to see if anyone was wearing something besides flannel plaid, so it was worthwhile that way.

  16. Jess2

    my favourite look is the Zuhair Murad which is amazing, didn’t notice the clip initially but it needs to go. I don’t like the green Jean Fares gown though. I liked how she mixed it up and no dissapointing shoe choices :)


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