Emma Stone In Lanvin – Glamour’s 2011 Women Of The Year Awards

Emma Stone was one of the presenters for Glamour’s 2011 Women of the Year Awards which were held at Carnegie Hall in New York City last night.

The actress looked like a goddess wearing a Lanvin Resort 2012 gown.

Her pale golden yellow silk pleated gown with two splits in the skirt was accented with a contrasting grosgrain waistband.

Emma’s Lanvin accessories included a gold multi-strand necklace, a gold egg clutch on a chain strand, and nude leather ankle-strap pumps.

I love how Emma continues to consistently wow us with her red carpet looks.

A wavy updo, glossy pink lips, and a gold Jack Vartanian ring with a red stone completed her look.

Credit: Style.com & Getty

42 thoughts on “Emma Stone In Lanvin – Glamour’s 2011 Women Of The Year Awards

  1. justme

    The dress looks tons better on the model. Emma’s draped top half is too big and I really dislike the necklacd. The clutch has enough strands for the whole look.

    1. Carolina

      I think I have to agree about the bodice being too big on her – the fabric is too voluminous, or it’s the effect of the shoulders. I’m also just a touch on the fence about her necklace. I love the bag a whole lot with this – perfect!

    2. Linda

      I want to like this more than I do, but it falls a bit flat for me, possibly because of the fit, I’m not sure. Or maybe it’s the hairstyle.

  2. CreoleLady

    Between Emma, Frieda, Jennifer, and Florence, just making the BDOTW poll is looking pretty difficult already and it’s only Tuesday morning. I remember some lean times late this past summer when it seemed hard to scrounge up a list of contenders. Thankfully, happy fashion days are here again.

  3. Jacqu

    Almost perfect for me, I just can’t get down with the necklaces. The color flatters her in the pictures here though, I’ve seen other posts where it looks ghastly on her.

  4. Jess2

    She is looking so beautiful, the colour looks amazing on her. BDOTW contender, its getting so hard, I have seen four amazing looks in 30 minutes

  5. Vicky

    I have a problem with the necklace, again. Naomi Watts last time.
    It feels like a part of a curtain especially next to the chain detailed clutch..
    Had there been different accessories she’d get 2 thumbs up, dress alone 1 thumb…

  6. Luis

    Flawless, I’m happy that she manage to keep her legs inside her dress. I hate celebs with high splits with her legs outside…

  7. fromchi-town

    She looks beautiful. She doesn’t need the necklace, but otherwise an amazing look. BDOTW is going to be soooo hard this week.

  8. mol

    The color looks great on her and I love the relaxed styling of the neckline – one of the best (along with Freida).

  9. Nat

    She is one of my favourites (maybe the favourite overall, right now) on the red carpet, and this look is no exception.
    I think she is one of the few that made Lanvin work: on many other celebs Lanvin gowns looked like shapeless pieces of fabric.
    The necklace has to go, though.

  10. Hannah

    I adore this look, but I think that it doesn;t suit her body the best. I feel like it makes her look a little short. Sicn ethis is emma, of course she looks fabulous so I am nit picking, but since you chose to put that photo of that resort dress, I wish she had worn that one instead. She would have been one of the few to have been able to pull it off. I also applaud her interesting chice of necklace, sinc emany woudl make this a mundane, easy look.

  11. gurlygurl

    It’s very Greek Goddess… The shoes seem a little too casual for me but everything still works. I love Emma, she’s such a package… great on screen and always one to watch on the red carpet. I also like the runway version of this dress but I think Emma did the right thing with the V neckline.

  12. yourockmyworld

    She turned it into a completly different dress..and I love it, but it looks also very nice on the model.


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