Kirsten Dunst In Chloé – Good Morning America

Kirsten Dunst started off her morning with a guest appearance on Good Morning America in New York City.

She was there to promote her new movie, ‘Melancholia’.

The actress looked beautiful wearing a summery Chloé Resort 2012 dress.

Her floral sleeveless shift dress was teamed with two-tone Chanel pumps and coral lipstick for a very ladylike look for daytime TV.

Kirsten arrived at the ABC studios wearing a coral Chloé double breasted coat from the same collection.

The military style coat was adorned with gold buttons and teamed with a feathered Chanel bag.

Now the coral lip colour makes even more sense.

Credit: & INFPhoto

35 thoughts on “Kirsten Dunst In Chloé – Good Morning America

  1. Emmeline

    She looks gorgeous. After a few rough years she’s become one of my favorites again. Love the two-tone pumps.

    1. G

      +1 I’m so happy to see her back at the top. When she’s in good form she manages to look so elegant and interesting at the same time, without being too contrived.

        1. Martin

          +3. She has bloomed into quite the amazing red carpet presence of late. She is perfection in that Chloe dress and those ridiculously amazing Chanel pumps. When it comes to Kirsten, my eye tends to linger longer than it does with other stars because her looks are always interesting and engaging.

  2. maria

    i adore this look.

    the dress and the shoes, the coat and then the great lip colour.

    She has been on a great run recently.

  3. CreoleLady

    Wow, talk about someone who has totally upped her style game. I wonder who is styling her. I even like the orange lip which totally works with that unexpected but very fun orange coat. Love.

    1. Elle

      I totally agree. She is just perfection and not too flashy or fancy for this appearance. She strikes me as someone who doesn’t really follows current trends, but follows what she likes.Her outfit makes me envy her closet so much!

  4. Jackie

    Those two tone Chanel pumps are lovely but are way heavy for her floral Chloe dress.

    The second look with the Chloe coat works better with the shoes. So weird that there is a coat in a resort collection — unless it’s a light one, but if that’s the case, I know she’s freezing because it is quite cold in NYC.

  5. justme

    I don’t understand when and how I started to like Kirsten’s style. It’s really unsettling because for years, she was on my poorthingcan’tdress list lol.

  6. Hannah

    I think the dress is a bit drab, but I adore it with the coat, she really has great street style. The bag in particular is divine!

  7. gurlygurl

    I’m really loving her style these days. She’s become so polished and looks great everytime I see her. I’m loving this outfit with and without the coat.

  8. manja

    love it,and I want all of it in my closet-:))))so simple yet chic,great look and she herself looks very pretty

  9. susan

    I’ll take the shoes, the bag and the coat please. Even the dress isn’t bad… just GIMME everything! Thank you!! :)


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