Amanda Seyfried In Lyn Devon – ‘In Time’ Berlin Photocall

Amanda Seyfried and Justin Timberlake continued their European promo tour for their latest movie, ‘In Time’, by attending the photocall at the Hotel Adlon in Berlin, Germany earlier this afternoon.

She looked divine wearing a Lyn Devon Spring 2012 dress.

Her dark blue dress has hints of her adventurous side as it has cut-out details on the side and at the back.

Both the colour and the cut are perfect for her. She’s slowly becoming one of my favourites.

As someone who has naturally limp hair, I love her voluminous and bouncy waves.

She opted for simple nude YSL Tribtoo pumps, which are very appropriate for a photocall.

Let’s pray she ups her shoe game for the premiere.

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21 thoughts on “Amanda Seyfried In Lyn Devon – ‘In Time’ Berlin Photocall

  1. Nat39

    I agree that the colour and the cut are perfect for Amanda, love her hair, it works beautifully here. Don`t mind the nude pumps, just wish they were less heavy.

  2. Jess2

    I love her and I love her style she look absolutely beautiful here, it looks so effortless. She has been bringing it and is one of my favs to watch right now :) I’m sure she will be just as great at the premiere

  3. LizLemooooon

    That dress makes her look a little stumpy and the shoes suck but I worship her hair. I hope she steps her game up for the premiere. I do wish she’d wear her hair up, it could still look great and bouncy in a high, 60s-esque swinging ponytail.

  4. dee

    The empire-waist on the dress is doing her figure no favors. The shoes are a bore. That color blue looks great on her.

  5. Hannah

    Her hair in amazing, but I don’t like the dress. Somehow I find it really unflattering on her, the panel on the midriff and the top part just looks a little bit frumpy to me, which is bizarre because she has an amazing, toned body. Hopefully the next look will be better. Also, Idon’t know if it is intentional, it might have something to do with the film, but all of her ‘In Time’ looks have had blue in them or been entirely blue, so I am entirgued to see if sh ewill wear the colour again next time, with hopefully better shoes.

  6. moja31

    maybe it’s her posture, but something’s funky in the rib area in the top picture, otherwise i really like this.

  7. maria

    love it. way to switch it up and not pick just a plain old dress. The colour and fabric also keeps it from looking too out of season (cannot be that warm in Berlin).

  8. bee7

    as much as i like her, it looks particularly weird at the chest/ waist area. she is probably too chesty for this dress. blue looks great on her though!

  9. Elle

    What color blue is this exactly? It looks wonderful on her. The cut is odd and I agree she may be more endowed than this dress allows for her to be….

    Great colors though, just change up the dress style and shoe style.


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