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Katy Perry In Valentino – Real Radio Visit

Katy Perry seems to be well up on our British traditions – she started wearing her poppy with pride yesterday as she was spotted leaving the Real Radio studios in Manchester, England before her Halloween concert at the MEN Arena.

For those who don’t know, the Royal British Legion encourages people to wear a poppy in the period leading up to Remembrance Day (November 11) as a mark of gratitude to British casualties of war. The proceeds from the poppies help support the families of the victims.

Katy wore a very chic Valentino cashmere coat from the Fall 2011 collection.

The double-breasted coat with studded details and double flat pockets was teamed with a shimmering pink scarf, to match her hair, black tights and black suede knee-high boots.

She comically wore a blue kitten face mask as a hair accessory.

You can buy Katy’s Valentino coat from Luisa via Roma.

Credit: Style.com & Fame Pictures

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20 Responses to Katy Perry In Valentino – Real Radio Visit

  1. Rebecca Z November 1, 2011 at 20:21 #

    It is a gorgeous coat. that said, Katy isn’t really selling it. It is kind of wasted on her.

    • Amanda November 1, 2011 at 22:16 #


  2. robbie November 1, 2011 at 20:45 #

    such a gorgeous coat and she ruined it.

    • maria November 1, 2011 at 20:56 #

      totally. I love it with the Peter Pan collar. Looks much more elegant.

      • Emi November 2, 2011 at 11:42 #

        I agree about the collar, too cute and girlie.

  3. Mahima November 1, 2011 at 20:48 #

    Its not only Britain, but I believe the commonwealth too, well at least here in Canada. But our poppies don’t have the green. Beautiful coat, and I don’t think she ruined it.

    • Linda November 2, 2011 at 00:05 #

      Yes, and actually, after googling the British poppy, it’s quite pretty with a different shape to the flower part and the green leaf.

    • Jess2 November 2, 2011 at 05:29 #

      We do it here in Australia and NZ do it as well, so I think it is a Commonwealth thing. I also love the coat a lot and don’t think she ruined it either. I don’t like the hair colour though

  4. Lils November 1, 2011 at 21:16 #

    I don’t agree with the above comments saying she ruined the coat. She actually looks nice in it but the hair is a mess, I wish she would revert back to being a brunette

  5. Sharon November 1, 2011 at 21:27 #

    I don’t think she ruined the coat. I think it looks great with the scarf insert. And the addition of the kitten mask made me smile, as Katy usually does.

  6. Marybeth November 1, 2011 at 23:21 #

    Lovely coat!

    Even more lovely is your British custom of wearing poppies for days before Remembrance Day.
    I wish we did that here in the US.
    We do have groups that sell poppies on the day itself — we call it Veterans’ Day — and maybe a day or two before, but I never see anyone wearing them. What a shame we don’t follow your example.
    (I think I will this year!)

    • Fashion Critic November 2, 2011 at 07:33 #

      Good idea.

  7. NAT November 1, 2011 at 23:57 #

    I like it on her. And i think the cat mask is probably for Halloween :)

  8. lee November 2, 2011 at 02:42 #

    Kind of loving the hair + mask. She’s totally pulling it off as a faux-headband. Only Katy.

  9. Laura November 2, 2011 at 06:10 #

    I love the coat… I think she is wearing the cat mask to hide her terrible regrowth.

  10. Lea November 2, 2011 at 10:10 #

    Looks like a very pink nod towards the scene in Breakfast at Tiffanys when she steals the mask…

  11. La Zitella November 2, 2011 at 10:15 #

    Katy, Valentino is not your thing.
    Just live with it.

  12. dee November 2, 2011 at 12:49 #

    I think she looks cute.

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