Who Wore McQ Better? Emma Watson or Chloe Moretz

Emma Watson wore this cute plaid McQ tartan wool puffball mini dress to the GQ Men Of The Year Awards which was held at The Royal Opera House in London early last month.

Her hair and makeup were kept light and youthful as she added a pair of Christian Louboutin Spike pumps to spice up her look.

On the red carpet she wore this dress with an edgy biker jacket.

Chloe Moretz wore the same dress just four days later when she attended The Independent Filmmaker Project during the 2011 Toronto Film Festival.

Her look was styled with black heels worn over black socks.

It’s ironic how Emma, who’s older than Chloe, appears to be younger.

Emma wins for me as I love the tulle tutu she wore under her skirt to give it more volume and give her overall look more personality.

If you can’t make up your mind, click on the image above to see more pictures of these ladies in their McQ dresses.

You can buy Emma’s and Chloe’s dress from Net-A-Porter International.

Credit: Getty

18 thoughts on “Who Wore McQ Better? Emma Watson or Chloe Moretz

  1. Parvati

    This is a really weird “Who Wore It Better” poll, because Emma Watson is older than Chloe Moretz and she ends up looking much younger, while Chloe looks older. To sum up, neither of them looks her age. Although I didn’t like the way Emma wore it, because it made her look like a 12-year-old, I prefer her version to Chloe’s, which is teamed with those socks and makes her look, once again, much older than she is.

    1. JR

      It’s amazing how people can see completely different things. I think Chloe’s socks make her look more demure. She’s not showing as much leg, if you will. But even that gets criticized.

      1. Parvati

        I didn’t criticize the amount of leg she’s showing, because, well, she’s not showing much. Not showing leg doesn’t automatically make a look age-aproppriate. I talked about the way she styled her look, which I don’t like.

        1. JR

          I didn’t word that well. I know you were criticizing her look.

          It doesn’t bother me that she can look a few years older as long as she keeps it classy.

  2. Gabi

    Unquestionably Emma, she looks perfect and flawless. When I saw her wearing that I thought the black tulle was part of dress, now that I know it’s not, Emma earns even more points, kudos!
    As for Chloe, I don’t like it at all. The dress looks weird on the waist area, the wheels with socks are hideous – ankle boots would’ve looked so much better! – and the loose hair does not flatter the dress.

  3. justme

    I’ve worn one too many dresses like this as a kid to like it now. But Emma’s tulle and shoes are far superior to Chloe’s socks and sandals combo.

  4. Nat39

    Def. Emma, really like her shoe choice – the edgy spike shoes prevent the look from being overly sweet and work well with the mentioned edgy biker jacket.

  5. Badaboum

    I think Cheryl Cole wears the same dress in the video presentation for her shoe collection with Stylistpick, but I don’t remember seeing her shoes in the video. I remember that it made her look much younger (like Emma Watson).

  6. Terry_K

    They both carry it well, so I’m not sure why it has to be one or the other. Considering Emma’s huge fan base from Harry Potter, the fact that Chloe pulled in over 40% of the vote might be the more telling answer that maybe Chloe pulled it off better.


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