Taylor Swift In Ted Baker – ‘Wonderstruck’ Fragrance Tennessee Launch

You could’ve knocked me down with a feather when I saw Taylor Swift at her ‘Wonderstruck’ fragrance launch which took place in Franklin, Tennessee on Friday.

The singer wore a Ted Baker Marui dress which doesn’t have a single sequin, bead or paillette adorning it.

It doesn’t shimmer, and it most definitely isn’t silver or gold.

Has she been reading your comments?

Her chic feminine dress with a chandelier print has a full skirt and short sleeves.

I would’ve added a belt to this dress, but Taylor kept the look simple with tights and black pumps.

Whilst she changed her style of dress, she opted for a very familiar hairstyle and went for signature red lips.

Baby steps.

You can buy Taylor’s Ted Baker Marui dress from TedBaker.com.

Credit: Getty

24 thoughts on “Taylor Swift In Ted Baker – ‘Wonderstruck’ Fragrance Tennessee Launch

  1. Melissa

    It’s nice to see her in something that dosen’t sparkle or isn’t blush tone. The hair is as boring as always. Would love to see her dye it dark, cut it…anything.

  2. Marybeth

    Poor Taylor Swift.
    Nearly always looks lovely, chic, tasteful, and young.
    Worst of all, she wears what she likes and ends up looking like — gasp! — Taylor Swift. Why doesn’t she want to look like someone else?
    Poor “boring” little thing!

    1. AW

      I don’t believe i’ve seen anyone refer to her as chic and shades of paint can be lovely yet still boring.

      There are plenty of beautiful young stars that dress tastefully and chic without looking like the same syrupy sweet, carbon copy, BORE event after event.

  3. Nat39

    Def. missing a belt. Cute dress but the whole thing (the unexciting color and the standard black tights-pumps combo) seems so bland, dull and exciting for the fragrance launch. Normally I don`t mind her signature hairstyle and make-up as it`s pretty and flatters her face but in this case I don`t think it works with the overall look.

  4. Hannah

    It is a minor improvement at best. The hair is the same, teh silhouette is the same, the makeup is the same, the pose is the same. All that has really changed is that she small sleeves, isn’t shimmering, and isn’t wearing peep-toes. Hopefully this is baby steps and we willg et a genuinely not deja vu dress next time, but I wont hold my breath.

  5. Emmeline

    The dress is cute and I really like that cuff she’s wearing on her wrist. I would have loved to have seen her straighten her hair and wear it down.

  6. Casey Mahoney

    I myself like that outfit on her.she does not care what people think.She has fun and she is down to earth.

    Casey Mahoney Brad P

  7. moja31

    well it does have images of sparkly things on it, so i’m sure she didn’t have a complete nervous breakdown when she put it on.

  8. Jess2

    I think she looks lovely but I haven’t really been keeping up with her style so I’m not in a position to compare. I do like that her look didn’t include sparkles though. I get that digital imaging is a huge trend right now and designers are doing amazing things with it but I just don’t like the close up of this dress. I think its lovely from far away when you can’t really tell that its chandeliers but using that print just seems silly and is not for me at all. I really like her hair and makeup but from previous comments I realise its always the same so mixing it up would be nice.

  9. dee

    She is soon going to regret all these choices….she is going to grow old soon and then wonder why did she dress so boringly when she was young..and..will start wearing teenage dresses in her thirties..


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