Sidewalk Style: Lady Gaga In Azzedine Alaïa

Lady Gaga was spotted shopping at the Dilli Haat handicrafts market in New Delhi last week.

The singer, who’s in town for the Formula 1 Grand Prix, was out shopping wearing an Azzedine Alaia Fall 2011 Couture ensemble.

Her berry jacket with a two-way zipper was paired with a matching skater skirt with a Mongolian fur trim.

Gaga wore her favourite Christian Louboutin ‘daffodil’ pumps in black and carried a black clutch.

Cat-eye sunglasses and tangerine matte lipstick completed her look.

I still can’t get used to this change of pace by Gaga. Either she grew tired of her own antics, or she realized that the real way to shock us is by dressing normally.

Credit: & Wenn

30 thoughts on “Sidewalk Style: Lady Gaga In Azzedine Alaïa

  1. Nat39

    Adorable ensemble but this look is very unbalanced as the bottom half is too bare with the fall feel of the ensemble – this is where one can perfectly use the black tights and booties combo for a more balanced look.

      1. Nat39

        Yeah, that`s right, if it`s that hot (I really don`t know) what is she doing wearing this ensemble to begin with???

  2. Fashion mint

    She is dressing more Somberly may be because she is in India ..if she goes out looking like what she normally does she will garner lot of negative publicity !

  3. Mol

    I would hardly call wearing Alaia couture to a handicraft market ‘normal wear’ : ) ! But to me, she looks good and somewhat normal in a filtered Gaga-ish way

    1. mikeijames

      thank you! i find myself asking, “since when is alaia couture in any context, but especially to a handicraft market in the developing world, ‘normal wear?’” however, the fashion critic makes a fair point that in this day and age where i eyes have adjusted to fashion spectacle that the most remarkable choices come when someone ‘suits up’ in a formal way like this.

  4. robbie

    i wish she was wearing better shoes, those daffodil pumps are just ugly. other than that the look is perfect.

    1. Martin

      Totally agree. There is nothing and no-one who can make me love those god-awful shoes. Otherwise, I think that she is rocking this look … HARD. Love it.

  5. Fashion mint

    I personally love her ! But I appreciate she’s taking it accordingly …I saw very few clips of her performance she was quiet subtle comparatively …

  6. AW

    I like the outfit (+tights maybe) but the shoes are just stupid and the hair is a little odd.

    But for Gaga this is an A+

  7. Casey Mahoney Brad P

    Wow-Lady Gaga Looks awesome.I love that outfit on her.You can barely tell it is Lady Gaga.

    Casey Mahoney Brad P

  8. Fuzzy

    Maybe it’s that she has a stylist now…*Nicola Formichetti* I think that she’s definately one of the best dressed celebrities

  9. Fashionmeal

    Dunno about else where but in india, she might have been suggested to tone it down a notch only because there still is a major population of the country that is not familiar with the artist which in turn could have people stare and make fun which could hurt any artists ego.

    But this is just my assumption.


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