Justin Timberlake In Dsquared² – Late Night With David Letterman

Justin Timberlake had good reason to be happy as he made his way to the Ed Sullivan Theater in New York City yesterday for a guest appearance on the ‘Late Show With David Letterman’.

That’s because he’s managed to redeem himself from that awful camel suit he wore last time out.

On this occasion he was back to his dapper best wearing a Dsquared² suit.

His dark grey classic three-piece suit with a single breasted blazer, light blue shirt and grey pocket square was teamed with a textured tie.

I love the grey suede shoes, but I wish his blackberry wasn’t so visible in his pocket.

Credit: Fame Pictures

16 thoughts on “Justin Timberlake In Dsquared² – Late Night With David Letterman

  1. Jess2

    definitely redeemed, he is looking really good here. but yeah I wish we couldn’t see the phone in his pant pocket as well but he is a cutie so i’ll let it slide haha

  2. Mick

    After the camel-color disaster at the film premiere, this is definitely more like it!
    Well played indeed, JT

  3. Mol

    The blkbry buldge looks goofy, and I feel like generally the pants don’t quite fit right. Still, gallons better than that camel suit disaster!


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