Penelope Cruz In Dolce & Gabbana – ‘Venuto al Mondo’ Rome Film Festival Photocall

Penelope Cruz attended the ‘Venuto al Mondo’ photocall which kick started the 6th International Rome Film Festival today.

The Spanish beauty is playing men at their own game by wearing a very smart Dolce & Gabbana black suit with a white shirt.

Her single-breasted Martini fit jacket has two buttons, a satin notched lapel and three front pockets.

She didn’t attempt to make this androgynous chic look girlie in anyway. Even her shoes are very plain.

I love this look as the totally owns it.

My problem is her hair. I wish she would return back to her natural hair colour.


If you want to recreate this look, you can find Penelope’s Dolce & Gabbana suit at or

Credit: Getty

19 thoughts on “Penelope Cruz In Dolce & Gabbana – ‘Venuto al Mondo’ Rome Film Festival Photocall

  1. Emi

    She pulled it off , but I agree about the color of her hair. She seems a bit tired, anyway.FC, what is a Martini Jacket, is it a particular cut?

  2. Parvati

    I like this look and my only problem is the hair, too, but for a different reason. I don’t mind the colour, it’s the fact that it looks dishevelled that puts me off this look.

  3. LizLemooooon

    Refreshing and still smoulderingly sexy. I agree that her hair could be better but I still love this look and the cut of the jacket is so amazing.

  4. Ylenia Castellano

    Im left begging for an exciting shoe choice. Not because I don´t think this combo doesn´t work (I actually love it when women wear suits plainly, and let it show for itself) but because indeed, her hair and face look sooo exhausted my eyes are begging to be directed elsewhere.

    1. mol

      Baby not sleeping through the night probably. I think she looks great, although a different shoe choice might of added impact…..

        1. Ylenia Castellano

          So many celebrities hit the red carpet incredibly soon after having a baby looking super fresh faced. In fact, Penelope Cruz herself has done so at last years Oscars.

          And so many non celebrities have no option but to look fresh faced for yet another day at work after many a nights of non sleeping babies. The real ones, that can’t get nannies.

          Promotion is a huge part of their job. How the look and present themselves is almost everything. I don’t think feeling sorry for her for having a how many ever babies at once comes into the equation when commenting on her fashion/style.

  5. molly

    My only problem is the hair as well and I would have put her in a pair of killer heels, but besides that, I love it. She knows how to own a suit.

  6. Jess2

    Lovely suit but that is it for me. I don’t like her hair very much and I am disappointed by the shoe. The poor thing looks a bit exhausted, hope she can get some rest

  7. QTB

    I must say I dont love the look, I feel like when wearing a suit one must either play it up with a masculine hair style and makeup or soften it and make it feminine…..she kinda just put this on and did nothing to enhance the styling

  8. cheryl

    would have preferred the hair pulled back into a ponytail, but hey she will prolly look like shes off to a meeting so i can understand the messy hair.


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