Amber Heard In Roksanda Illincic – 15th Annual Hollywood Film Awards Gala

Amber Heard looked stunning on the red carpet for the 15th Annual Hollywood Film Awards Gala in LA yesterday evening.

The actress wore a Roksanda Illincic Spring 2010 ensemble which shows that she’s more than just a fitted dress wearing; thigh-high split revealing blonde bombshell.

Her silk mint-green and black lace-trimmed top was paired with an aqua skirt with a long train.

The look had an additional black accent via a waistband.

Side-swept hair, smoky eyes and soft pink lips completed her look.

As my girl crush deepens, I can’t wait to see more from Amber.

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40 thoughts on “Amber Heard In Roksanda Illincic – 15th Annual Hollywood Film Awards Gala

  1. Rebecca Z

    She looks really pretty, and I like the dress, but I have some gripes–it is too long on her and I really don’t like the gaping armholes. The color of amazing and really suits her kind of dazzling brassy looks.

  2. Paulo

    Love the color on her. I’ve been a Roksanda fan for quite sometime now and it’s nice to see her finally get the red carpet attention she deserves!

  3. mol

    She looks arresting and oh so beautiful in these colors, love the design and she works it perfectly – my favorite this morning.

  4. LizLemooooon

    She’s also my girl crush! Love her in this, the colour’s look great on her, as usual she has wonderful poise and attitude and her hair and make up are on point. Gorgeous, gorgeous woman and although I understand the ScarJo comparisons I feel Amber is much more interesting and adventurous on the red carpet than Scarlett ever was.

  5. The Dame

    She looks gorgeous here, has her hair darkened finally? And yes, the dress shld be a bit shorter and maybe taken in under the shoulders a bit, but stunning all the same :)

  6. Natalie

    She looks beautiful but that’s because she is. Unfortunately, besides the colour, this look does not work at all, the fit on the top half of the dress is just awful.

  7. Tahj

    Mint green looks great on blondes. Emerald green looks great on red heads. I just think her hair is TOO blonde in a generic barbie way.

  8. doc

    It’s a good look. A little bit long, but it looks good. She’s got some weird hair action going on with those roots. It’s like a she only bleached the front of the hair at the crown, but in the middle the roots are still dark.

    1. Fee

      Agreed, she needs a new colourist. Her hair and skintone are too close and what is going on in the roots there is appalling.

      I can’t put my finger on it but I just can’t get on board with her at all. I don’t think she is half as attractive as ScarJo. Maybe it’s the Barbie thing.

      1. Linda

        Fee, I feel the same way. I just don’t like any of her looks particularly but couldn’t really say why until now. I think it is the Barbie thing, looking really generic, and the hair and skintone factor which you mentioned.

  9. laura D

    Talk about working trends perfectly, the coolest color of the moment, and the side-swept hair are both done perfectly here. Lovely

  10. Emma

    She’s a gorgeous girl, but she’s taking the bombshell thing a bit too far and it’s not really working for me. I don’t really care for this outfit or the air-brushed looking make-up.

  11. gurlygurl

    Very old hollywood… great color on her and I particularly love the side swept hair. I do have agree with some of the other comments though… she does need to be careful with that hair color and make up choices as it can make her border on orange.

  12. Jackie

    She does look like Barbie! I don’t like the pink lips because I think it makes the look too sweet or maybe it’s the Barbie-blonde hair… Besides that, she is doing this dress justice because the model is so lifeless. New girl crush for me too!

  13. Jess

    This is great, a possible BDOTW (this week is full of them). The colours are great on her and the neutral belt ties the together very well


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